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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Are You Frustrated As You Search for A New Career Or Job? Award Winning Short Film

In our lives we go through many career and life transitions. But this film will give you pause as to what finding purpose can mean. Even in the Circus! I have never posted a short film before "The Butterfly Circus", but I believe this is well worth a pause in your search for a new career or job. Look forward to your comments.(Editors Notes: )

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See Part Two of "The Butterfly Circus" here. Click Here!

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Anonymous said...

I found the “Butter fly Circus” to be a very interesting clip. Although I have seen this video before it was a welcome visit down the road of what we are all called to do in life. In some ways our lives are similar to this video. We are not always clear on the path that is best for us to travel. Throughout life we strive to grow and to be the best version of ourselves. The problem comes to full fruition when we hit a brick wall or a stumbling block such as the loss of a job or an even greater tragedy.

Some of us may be blessed and guided through another person like the man in the video who was able to point out the true value of human life and some of the challenges that we must face. Others may simply need to look carefully for the inspiration that comes into our daily lives by simple life happenstances.

Regardless of how we find our way and the road we must travel keep one thing in mind. All of us are blessed with a very special gift that no one but us posses.

Salman said...

Very inspiring and relavant piece of advice in a near true life example.

I like the comment posted above, it actually provides me an excellent insight by showing that we don't know what we don't know or how to live our life. Luckily the solution in the video is even more simpler, if we can read between the lines.

For me, we are not required to plan the future, it will just happen, we are only required to pass today as it happens and doing things expected from us, just do that and look no further.

Why wander minds and make foolish effort to copy people we admire or want to be in life.

We are all people with a unique abilities and copying will not make us become otherwise, truly it will make us more foolish and that means more unsuccessful.

Julie said...

We have to step away from our own and other people's negative, deceptive views before we can approach a new belief in ourselves that may be sparked by an unknown mentor as symbolized by the story from the "Butterfly Circus".

We are each searching for a new true self in our day-to-day job searches, but we also must be ready to see and accept the mentor's challenge when it comes to us to reach beyond our known selves.

Anonymous said...

Excellent example of looking at things differently.

Kathleen Tyson said...

Beautiful video on the power of believing in oneself! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Takes you out of your comfort zone at first, but isn't that the theme in a job search!

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