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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are Women Better Networkers? : What Is Your Reaction?

Article Comment On:Female Style of Networking - Detrimental to Success?
Comment of the Day by: John Walton

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"From my personal observations, I disagree with the article on many points with respect to the male practices. I don't find the average male maintaining many business relationships after they leave a company with the exception of perhaps sales people who value a prospect database and client relationships that might open doors.

This may differ at the top executive level where relationships are a bigger factor in developing successful business practices, and where influence might carry a little more weight.
I don't see many men go out of their way to assist people unless they receive a request for help except in the case where the female is attractive. Men like to help an attractive female.

Women on the other hand all seem to maintain contact information and regular contact with other women they know. I also think most women are willing to offer to assist other women, but may not be so eager to offer assistance to a man, unless the man first requests it. No one wants to hurt the male ego by suggesting he needs help. They wait until he requests it."

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