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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Employers Should Hire Older Workers (2)

The third myth that frequently develops in the mind of an employer when interviewing an older worker is retirement. The baby boomer generation, according to research, will stay longer in the workforce than their parents' generation. Baby boomers do not want a "rocking chair" retirement. Most baby boomers (8 of every 10) plan to work at least part-time following retirement. Some even plan to start their own business, start another full-time job, and many plan to engage in volunteerism. The message is clear; baby boomers enjoy activity and generally gain a lot of that activity by staying involved at work.

10 Reasons to Hire Older Workers

1.) Older workers have lower absenteeism rates than younger employees.

2.) Older workers have lower turnover rates than younger employees.

3.) Older employees are generally more loyal employees.

4.) Older employees have less job injuries than younger employees.

5.) Older employees are less likely to steal from your company.

6.) Older employees bring a wealth of experience with them to work.

7.) Older employees generally have a strong work ethic.

8.) Older workers generally find satisfaction with and enjoy their work.

9.) Older workers want to work, at least part-time, even after they retire.

10.) You will one day be an older worker.

What's your opinion on this? Do you agree with the 10 reasons to hire older workers? Are the myths true in any nature?

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Happy Working,

Gary Vikesland, MA LP CEAP
Source: http://www.employer-employee.com/september2001tips.html#Web


  1. I really appreciate the way it has been shown about the older employees & great regards to the fact that older employee are better in many ways.

    But few things like; the ego of achievements & change management issues in dealing new options or generating new ideas to survive global competition may not favour them

  2. Great article!
    Also I would add that older workers are less likely to fall asleep at their desk becuase they were out to late partying. At one of my jobs I had train summer interns on our computer system. They would fall asleep while listening to me! "Oh, I was out too late last night" was the excuse! Well, an future employer is not going to like that! How often do older workers drag their butt into work looking like they were out all night? Probably never. Number 10 is my favorite -don't ever disriminate because that might be you some day!

  3. Thanks for the article, very much appreciated. As an older worker, I know I have been discriminated against in the job hunt. I am a MS degreed professional, and interviews have gone well, yet I dont get the call back. - I think it has to do more with "fitting in" vs skills and talents. Typically the HR interviewer is a gen X or Y female, who could pass for my daughter. How do I relate to this person? How does she have enough career experience to evauate my career experience? I think this is the biggest hurdle. I have done the end run to the "hiring manager" but still you are going to need to go through HR.

  4. Older workers are much less likely to be on Facebook and texting/socializing on their phones at work.


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