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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Baby Boomer Interview Tips:Do You Know How To Interview With A Younger Generation?

Going through an interview session with the younger generation can certainly present an entirely different set of problems for baby boomers. However, there's no need for older job seekers to get disheartened so easily. In addition to older employees having more job experience, there is also the Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Addressing Retirement Issues
Questions relating to your retirement or future career plans are usually asked to candidates to determine whether the job will be used as a bridge to fill in retirement gaps. The question "what are your expectations from the job a few years down the line" is another way of asking the same question.
No matter how the interviewer puts the question, be sure that you tackle it gracefully. While it would be better to discuss the retirement issue honestly, you also need to convince the interviewer that you are looking forward to long-term employment.

Salary Requirements
Although this is a tough question that definitely arises at every interview, dealing with salary issues will require skillful negotiation on your part. This question can prove to be even more difficult for older candidates with years, even decades, of expertise and experience to answer. However, in order to avoid your former income from working against you, you should make every attempt to reply in a firm but cool tone.
At first, try giving a noncommittal answer - but if probed further, give a salary range. Generally, you should refrain from stating exact figures regarding your salary requirements. And, you should always let the employer give the first number.
Needless to say, do some research on the position and its salary before attending the interview.

According to the Act, any kind of employment discrimination against those over 40 is illegal. Listed below are a few common interview questions based on age - and some helpful tips on how to answer or avoid them tactfully.

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