Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby Boomer Interview Tips (2)

Dealing with Competence Issues

Even though the interviewer will not (or should not) ask questions related to your health, efficiency and mental capacity directly, you will almost certainly be asked variations of these questions. For example, employers may ask if you will be able to cope with fast paced working conditions or if you are OK with working late.

Take this in a positive light and use this opportunity to reveal your skills, qualities, and enthusiasm to the interviewer with the help of the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action and Result).

Such questions also reveal details about the demands, working hours and expectations of the job.

Questions Related To Experience and Qualifications

Mature candidates often find themselves struggling to answer over-qualification questions. Questions asked may include asking why you are applying for a particular job when your qualifications and experience can secure you a better position. Knowing this, you should include only 10-15 years of experience in your resume. This is particularly true for older jobseekers with 20 years' or more experience.

When answering questions like these, stress your strengths and career achievements. Other questions that are probed in order to find out about your age can be refused, since they are illegal. However, do so in a manner that is not offensive to the interviewer.

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By: Tony Jacowski

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