Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
Fastest Way To Get A Job Webinar

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is it OK to Embellish or Lie on your Resume to get an Interview?

Vote below. Sounds like a simple ethical question. But when you are desperate for a job do you tend to embellish on your resume? How do you handle this in the real world as you search for a new career.

 If you are a Recruiter do you find many job candidates do embellish or lie on their resumes? Have you done this? Tell us more in the comments below. Thanks.

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  1. It is NEVER okay to lie. This has backfired on some top CEOs who got a very public comeuppance for it. And as far as embellishing, caution is called for. If you weren't the project team leader, don't say you were. But you can say that you lead the team on accounting or logistics issues (if one of those is your specialty), and that way if someone at the company is quizzed about it, they will agree. Claiming degrees, military rank or medals, or licenses or certifications is 100% risky because they can all be checked in just a few minutes. If you are stuck trying to have something, look at your recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile. If you don't have any on your profile, start contacting people that you worked with and ask them to give you some. If you don't have anyone to contact because you haven't been very long in the workplace, or even in the workplace...try volunteering in a civic, religious or other non-profit organization. Then, after you have been a contributor for a few things, reach out to your leader and peers at that organization and ask them to say something nice about you on your LinkedIn profile. Now you have something to draw on, maybe even something that you didn't know you were good at.


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