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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

9 Steps to Acing a Phone Job Interview

Would you like to know why some people give good phone? Did you ever go to the bathroom while doing a phone interview :).

Phone interviews are a daily occurrence during a job search. But most people spend very little time preparing for this opportunity. This 9 step program is a "how to" do it successfully. Do you currently follow any or all of these steps? What other successful phone interview tips do you have? Looking forward to your comments.

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Anil said...

a valuable suggestions and updation, keep it up

Anil said...


Anonymous said...

I dropped a couple of good sized logs during a recent interview and no one was the wiser. I recommend it as it relaxes the interviewee!

Debbie said...

Great tips! I'm an IT recruiter and many candidates think phone screens are just a casual chat, but it's very important to prepare just as you would for a face-to-face interview and to take care of the background noise as suggested in the video.

Had to laugh about the toilet flush blunder. I've talked to candidates who weren't that obvious, but I COULD TELL THEY WERE in the bathroom. You're not fooling anyone. LOL

The Immortal said...

Good tips!! Ph interview is as good as face to face interview. Voice modulation to stress on important aspects of your career/job skills etc is extremely important cos its the confidence in your voice thats gonna make or break the deal

Brian Bigelow said...

What worked very well for me was to always have a stereo hands free set attached to my cell phone. That way I could hear the conversation clearly and communicate with the person giving the interview clearly. It also had the tendency to eliminate outside noise so that it wouldn't interfere. They really aren't that expensive now, I definitely recommend that every candidate should have one. Call somebody with it attached right away so that you can test it out. Ran into an incident or two with one that didn't work right. You don't need to find out that it doesn't right when the interviewer calls you.

Amanda Stillwells said...

These are great tips for phone interviews. A lot of the time when I conduct them, the people I am interviewing are always nervous. Another big part of the interviewing process people get afraid of is the pre-employment screening. This is because people get scared they are going to have their credit score checked and most companies do not check this.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth having a research on toilet flush sound blunders during interview?

Sharonda Penn said...

It's unfortunate that nobody drops you an email to schedule your time so that you can be in a place to accept the interview call. Just not business. It's like getting cold calls.

Veronica Bradley said...

Always working on your 30 second introduction and having it fresh in your mind will ease the stress of last minute calls. Although most phone screen come randomly, it is possible to ask for a call-back. As shared early, phone screens are an important step of the hiring process, and the interviewer in most cases welcome the honesty. Regardless to what position you are applying for there are common behavioral questions most recruiters will ask, and having a script prepared ahead of time will show your aspiration and enthusiasm.

Marty Mantynband said...

The video is outstanding. Emphasizing preparation is probably the most important element. I'm an older worker and have only had 1 or 2 telephone interviews in my career so this is an excellent refresher. I thought Debbie's remarks were hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Always nice to hear from you. I was afraid that post might best resume examles be a little boring.

Anonymous said...

It seems ironic on a site labeled "interns over 40" to have a video featuring what appears to be a 30 something.

Anonymous said...

You should not be sitting during a phone interview!

krvince said...

Re: Don't be a blabbermouth. Increasingly, phone screeners have been asking more sweeping questions such as "describe all the projects you've completed that would prepare you for this role". Even a concise answer could cause the screener to zone out or play with desktop objects while the interviewee is responding. This video covers surface choreography instead. How to provide impactful content laden responses without excess would have been helpful.

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