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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tolerance. In Memory Of Those We Lost On 9/11

On 9/11 I had just purchased a home just outside in New Jersey with a birds eye view of New York City. Little did I know that my children would be entering a new High School  which would be grieving for the 12 parents who had died on 9/11.  It seems as though it was only yesterday. But 10 years later it is still hard to believe such evil could exist. But it does.

This is a time for all of us to remember those that gave their lives while appreciating how fortunate we really are.  It is a time to perhaps think about how we can be tolerant citizens of the world.  It does not mean to accept a neighbor who wants to kill you. It means to accept a neighbor who is just different.
Our political system is perhaps a reflection of how intolerant we have become. Leaving us with code words that demonstrate our intolerance.  Code words like Left, Right, Conservative GOP, Liberal Dems, Tea Party, White, Black, Asian, Latino, Gay, Straight, Born-Again, Texan, Northerner, Southerner, Top 1%, Wall Streeter's, Unions, Union Breakers, Abortion, Anti Abortion, Jew,Muslim,Catholic,Mormon and the list goes on and on.

It leaves me with only one question. Can a civilized society live in harmony and embrace those who do not look like, believe in or share similar values and/or socio-economic history? What do you think?
Will we all join together to defeat the real enemy from outside. Or will be just self destruct.
My thoughts today are with those who have sacrificed their lives for the better good of our society.


  1. Given the 10yr anniversary of the 9/11 American tragedy, this article is most appropriate. Unfortunately, the preaching of intolerance & hatred has been the mantra in the days and years subsequent to 2001 leading to the corrosion of general decency. In the approaching months of the 2012 election despite political differences, it will be a lesser opportunity to display modicum of civility. Maybe the American public will not blow it to show themselves as the enlightened civilized people we profess to be

  2. The link below is a striking contrast to the above article and sadly represents today's American perceptions.



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