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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lifestyle: A Summer move to a new job

Lifestyle: A Summer move to a new job.

No one likes the process of moving their home. Packing, getting rid of junk with endless garage sales and saying goodbye  to close friends. But in today's job market it is common to have to make the decision to leave your current home town and move to where a new job or better career opportunity exist. Just the thought of this process makes most of use cringe. Hopefully a new city and change will bring about a better quality of life for your family and you.
So as you approach this process and review the zillions of potential movers you may want to take a look at a company that has a different approach. They seem to be more about being part of the community. Giving with grants and sponsorships including moving women who are victims of domestic violence for free and local performing arts programs.
They also hire Student Athlete Movers who use the money to help pay tuition. It would be nice to see movers who are clean cut, smoke free and have the strength/endurance to carry a 3 story townhouse of furniture without the ridiculous hours of unnecessary overtime. We all have been there and want to be done with that type of moving experience!
If you happen to be in California you can find Meat Head Movers in most southern California cities including  Los Angeles. To Compare and find out more about this interesting company you can go to FaceBook.  Happy moving!

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