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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Comment Of The Day: "Have I Reached My Expiration Date"

Why Mature Workers Make for Better Employees.

 By: Ronald Zeka Workforce Skills Trainer at Phoenix Indian Center

This is the age of downsizing and corporate cost cutting. If you’ve found yourself out the door in favor of younger and lower-paid employees, you may be asking yourself, “Have I reached my expiration date?

 Is this the beginning of the end?” While you may not be able to convince the over-50 job seekers who have taken positions well below their competency and former compensation levels, at least one expert in the human relations field doesn’t believe age is that big a factor… if you’re prepared. Companies are waking up to the fact that younger workers are more apt to jump from company to company in an effort to build a career while the older worker is more likely to stay the course.

Yes, age discrimination is real, not just a reflection of what we project. Prejudice and discrimination exist in every aspect of human interaction, so get over it. Getting the job you want will be a struggle and you will have to approach it as such. Our challenge is to find ways to beat it, and our wisdom and experience should serve us well in this contest against the upstarts.

Boomer's: Free Career Skills Analysis

To be successful, you're going to have to appear closer to the employer's image of the successful applicant. You will need to adapt your credentials to meet the employer's expectations, while at the same time convincing them that you have talents they won't find in a younger person.

Qualities Employers Want From Employees:
Competence, Excellent customer service, Low turnover, Reliability, Adaptability, Low absenteeism, Maturity, Desire to learn, Motivated.

Quality Mature Workers Have:
Competence, Excellent customer service, Low turnover, Reliability, Adaptability, Low absenteeism, Maturity, Desire to learn, Motivated. Post full article here
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  1. Whilst I agree with your message - the frustrating thing for any worker over 40 seems to be to even get shortlisted for interview - even for a phone-screening interview! As someone who has hired many an 'experienced' person into all levels of job from Director/VP down to warehouse worker it really galls me now (at 55) to find myself screened out by the lazy recruiters and HR department staff who look to tick boxes for qualifications and age-bands rather than actually consider the experience and value that is on offer in a longer career applicant.

  2. In the age of instant gratification, ticking qualification boxes off is the fastest and easiest way to instant gratification. Not interviewing an older worker gets them closer to a younger, less expensive employee. Forget the fact that a younger worker will be less reliable, less likely to be there in 5 years, less motivated, and less productive than an older, experienced worker. It's all about getting someone in the position fast who will work for less.


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