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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, September 1, 2014

11 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Or Get Fired?

By:Bobby Edelman;
(Excerpt from "An Over 40 Career Change: Arctic Freeze or Tropic Breeze©) 

Still not sure if you should make a career change? OK, then it’s time for a little quiz.  Ask yourself the following questions and answer true or false:
  1. There are few opportunities for growth within your company.
  1. You find the work you are doing boring.
  1. Few jobs exist in your field.
  1. You want to earn more money than you ever will in your current field.
  1. You will need to upgrade your skills to stay in your current field, but you aren’t satisfied enough to even make the effort.
  1. You want to do something more with your life.
  1. You want to pursue a lifelong passion.
  1. There’s a new career you want to pursue. After doing your research, it seems to be a good fit for you.
  1. You want to work in a field that will utilize your talents, skills, and education and your current occupation doesn’t do this.
  1. Your life has changed since you first got into this career and now the requirements of your job don’t mix well with your current situation (extensive travel when you now have children at home)
  1. Your occupation is too stressful.
Look at your answers to the above questions. Are you finding that you have more “True” answers? If so, then a career change is probably in order. But let’s look at why according to your answer to each question.

  1. If you want the opportunity to grow your career, it’s important to be in a company that will allow you to do that. Perhaps you want greater responsibilities or a position higher up on the corporate ladder — things you won't have if you stick with your current occupation.
  1. People can get bored with their work. Before you change careers, you may want to make sure it's your occupation in general that is boring you and not just your current job. If it is your occupation, you should consider a career change.
  1. When there are few jobs available in your field, a career change truly might be in order. Since opportunities are limited you may want to start exploring other occupations that have a better outlook.
  1. A lot of people want to earn more money. Keep in mind happiness does not come with higher earnings. However, if your career is fulfilling for other reasons, you might want to change careers.
  1. Upgrading your skills in order to stay in your current occupation will take some effort. If you aren't satisfied with your career anyway, you may want to start exploring other options rather than stress about what you need to do but don’t have the desire or motivation to do.
  1. In general, if you find your career fulfilling, that’s the number one reason to find a new career. Being happy with your job can contribute greatly to personal fulfillment which is something we all need, so definitely make a career change if you say “True” to this question.
  1. If you want to pursue your lifelong passion, by all means, go for it or at least consider it as an option. Make sure you do your homework first, though, to ascertain this career is the right choice.
  1. As long as you’ve researched a possible new career choice, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t go for it if it seems like something that will make you happy. In fact, this is a no-brainer – of course you should change your career here!
  1. There’s a reason why you got an education in the first place. Because you wanted to do a specific type of work. Maybe you just have a specific flair to perform certain tasks but your current job doesn’t use those talents. Why would you stick around?
  1. If your life has changed significantly since you first began your career and it is causing your personal life to be at odds with your business life, you’ll have to make a choice. Unless you want to do nothing but work, you really should choose personal happiness.
  1. There's enough stress in life without your work contributing to it. Before you decide to change careers, you should figure out whether it's your occupation that's stressful or just your particular place of employment. If it is your occupation, change careers.
Of course, making a job change is never easy. Having a regular paycheck and job security is important – there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re unhappy in your job and feeling unfulfilled, are you doing yourself a favor by staying there? We spend a lot of our time working, so it really is important that you do something with that time that is meaningful for you and will enhance your life rather than inhibit it.

Before you make the leap to change your career path, you will want to avoid some common mistakes that many people make. By knowing what those mistakes are, you’ll know what NOT to do when undertaking such a life-changing event such as exploring a new career.

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  1. Thanks for giving this information .this will helpful to the people

  2. "It is flat out stupid to think of a career move when that job might be the only one you can get (due to the above)."

    Whoever said that is right on. It is almost impossible to get someone to hire you when you are past the age of 35. Even in a good economy when I was young, it was VERY difficult for me to find any type of work I did not absolutely despise (no such thing as like). That's why I did telemarketing for a total of five years of my life....because I hate working retail with customers face to face. In fact, I would take any kind of a wholesale order type job because I am extremely organized and efficient and I don't mind dealing with people on the phone. However, I just can't get those jobs even though I have 15-20 years of experience doing it. Why? Because I am too old. The second I walk into the interview, I am bum rushed right back out the door. Once, I was interviewed by a kid who read the questions from a piece of paper. I was not even allowed to speak to the real hiring manager and that was 7 years ago. I will never work again. I just know this is how my life is going to end. And I don't care anymore. Death has got to be better than this.

    My unemployment was even cut off due to a mistake. I was actually working for FREE at a company and I claimed benefits from one of their computers. Turns out the servers showed a UK address on the unemployment site. I was cut off, and now nothing I do will prove that I was not claiming from outside the US.

  3. This was really interesting information. Thanks to share with us.

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  4. The real questions should be:
    1) Am I appreciated for my efforts?
    2) Am I respected by my peers and Management/ownership?
    3) Is the boss really interested in my well being and is he/she really interested in finding out what is bothering me or why I seem unsatisfied on the job.
    4) Do I work for a boss who only cares about cost cutting and the bottom line and reading spread sheets and looking for an excuse to say no?
    5) Am I as an employee being valued or de-valued at managements expense?

    These are the hard questions that Management and owners are afraid to explore because if they do, they might uncover their own deficiencies faults and incompetence. Too real my colleagues.


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