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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poll Results are in: Did this "jobless recession" affect who you voted for in this election?

Editors note from IO40 Polling (USA only): We were interested to see whether your comments over the last few months reflected your voting behavior. Clearly that jobs have not materialized for the vast majority of unemployed older workers.  But did it really affect how you vote?  I think the results speak for themselves. Almost 80% felt this was a significant factor in their vote. Your comments and opinion are invited? 


  1. It is unfortunate the Obama made little dent on the unemployment scenario in the U.S.! Even Hitler and Stalin knew how to get rid of unemployment on a war-footing.
    When millions are suffering - lack of livelihood, lack of jobs, self-esteem gone with the wind, future looing bleak, etc. - no one wants to hear that things will turn around in another five years! As an unemployed I want things to turn around TODAY! Howsoever irrational it may sound, John Maynard Keynes put it aptly - "In the long run we are all dead." There is no long run for the unemployed or for the starving!
    It is also sad that Obama chose the wrong people - Larry Summers and Tim Geithner - to lead the economic recovery. Especially, when there were more qualified and knowledgeable people like Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, & Jeffrey Sachs who would done a much superior job in those positions.
    Indeed it is sad that this one flawed policy will see the end of the Obama and Democrat's agenda for political reform. I hope this setback will be temporary and the Americans will bounce back in 2012. Good luck America. As the crackpots, cranks and the rabble grab hold of the reigns in the U.S. God really needs to save America now!

  2. I have been talking to a lot of younger people and what they tell me is that they can't get jobs because more experienced (I.e. older) people are taking the jobs they would normally get.

    Our perception is we can't get jobs because we are older. Younger people's perceptions are that they can't get jobs because they are younger.


  3. What I find disturbing, and confusing, is how so many people have been emotionally manipulated by the very people, whose prior actions and current inactions, have created the current crisis, in the first place.

    What are the real expectations of "the angry" ... an INSTANT return to "the good old days" - good paying jobs, easy credit, home ownership for everybody, pensions, entitlements?

    What happens when nothing substantive really happens over the next ... what -six months, year, two years? Who will we blame then? Who will we elect then?

    It is true, but more accelerated, that those with no sense of history, tend to relive it. Welcome to the start of the real "Groundhog Day"!?

  4. Finger pointing isn't needed. What's needed is an economy that will develop positions for qualified Americans who want to work.

    The most active people I've seen trying to get the economy running lately have been the comedians from Comedy Central.
    No action from the Republicans or Tea Partiers, that's for sure, and not much for the Demos either.

  5. Almost 80% of readers wrongly think politics can control this Depression. It's the other way around.

    Besides Hitler and Stalin, FDR also got out of Depression through a war-footing. In recent history that's the sole proven means for achieving recovery. It doesn't matter who gets elected.

    A S Prisant/Prism Ltd

  6. Finger pointing is absolutely required - at the idiots who returned Republicans to power. Eight years of ridiculous destructive economic policies cannot be undone in two years. And they lied to you, in every way possible. Every 527 ad I saw contained lies that would have made Pinocchio embarassed. But you bought it. Well done voters. We'll all die because you're too stupid to read beyond the headline.

  7. You honestly expect the government to fix the current crisis by flushing hundreds of billions of our children's dollars down the corporate welfare toilet?

    We would've been better off if Obama had given every taxpayer $20,000 to spend on whatever they wished. Whether they bought a new car, paidtowards their debt, or even put it into savings it would have cost less and stimulated the economy even more.

    Instead, Obama gave billions to financial institutions who lined their pockets and did not create any dent in the unemployment rate.

    People who originally voted for Obama did not get the change they thought they voted for so sent a message of their disapproval by voting the other way.

    As far as the young people go, most of them have no clue about hard work and expect to get high paying jobs with little experience or effort. Their entitlement is their downfall.


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