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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bobby's Rant,Rave & Whatever:" Less is more? "


Bobby's  Rant, Rave & Whatever? Less is More:

With Summer in full gear. It may be hard for some of us to find the time to make the most of this season. Being unemployed or underemployed is not a joyful situation
 :(.  Like many people, during this time of the year I usually have a few free moments to reflect on life.
     Over the years I have ranted  to many of my close friends  "that in my worst day I have more than 98% of the world." Those people who live on less than $68 dollars a month(yes month). Those people in countries who struggle with a lack of natural resources, MORE corrupt governments and chronic diseases/illnesses.  For those that sometimes forget how fortunate we really are you just need to think of what life might be like in places  like War Torn Somalia, under the brutal behavior of the Taliban in Afghanistan,  Fearing of Cholera in Haiti, wait for the next kidnapping/killing in Mexico, starving under  repressive regimes like North Korea and the list could go on and on and on.

     That may not provide much comfort for some of you. Where this year the operative word was Less. Less money, less food, less travel, less clothing, smaller homes and again the list goes on and on and on. But the saying  "less is more" perhaps has a place in our lives. At least in  a moment of sincere reflection. There is very little evidence to support a correlation between happiness and more things. DUH! 

     But for those people who are feeling an emotional loss I suggest you turn your head slowly towards the left and then slowly right. While you are looking around just let your mind wonder to think about all those in you life that makes each day worth pursing your purpose and or passion.  Now Pause. Take a deep breath. Smile. Perhaps "less is more."  Best wishes this Easter for success and happiness :)  
I look foreword to your comments on "Less is More." 

Bobby's: Rant, Rave & Whatever

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  1. In my case I am not complaining about not having enough. I'm fully aware that even in my diminished state I am still better off than many people. I am upset because my talents and training are being wasted, and so my potential contributions to society are being squandered. Although I volunteer and give to the extent that I can afford, I am an engineer and engineering projects are too expensive for one person to shoulder all of the costs. I could be designing things and bringing them to market, which could make money for more people and create jobs, yet here I am spending all day doing menial labor. I keep hearing that the world needs more engineers, but I cannot get an engineering job. And I know many other good engineers who are in the same situation. So while I am not complaining about having enough to eat and a roof over my head, I am complaining about the lack of opportunity to do so much more than that.

  2. Bob, thanks for sharing. "Less is More" is a term band members use all the time. Less drumming in a song is, in many cases, more; impacting, enjoyable, harmonious, appreciated, fitting, appropriate and valuable to the overall "sound" of the song.

    In this case other sounds are heard and enjoyed, again enhansing the overall quality experience.

    I think that is clearly relatable today whether you are fortunate enough to have a good or preferred job, you are under-employed or just haven't had the opportunity to find meaningful work.

    I also think, in some cases, this approach applies itself to the job search and interview process. Again for the same reasons the drummer resists overpowering his musical partners as they perform a melodic driven song.


    Bob C.


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