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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever Stick Your Foot In Your Mouth During A Job Interview? (Video)


Editor Note: If you want a quick laugh this is just the video for you. But it should give you pause to think before you stick your foot in your mouth. I like to tell people pause for at least 3 seconds before you answer an interviewers question. It just might save you from sounding like an idiot. Hope you nail the next job interview.
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  1. The "foot in mouth disease" video was the biggest waste of time I have ever spent on your site. No part of it helped me. It amused me a little, but that is not what i need.
    Thank you

  2. Yes, although its silly (and over the top) it gives pause to think before we speak!

  3. I could have better spent my time submitting an application. I did not appreciate the video at all. To me it was not funny. Great waste of time.

  4. Apparently unemployed people need to calm the freek down. Yes, it was funny.


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