Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
Fastest Way To Get A Job Webinar

Saturday, June 18, 2011

HR & Recruiters: Post Your Internship & Mentorships At Interns Over 40.

Start filling your Jobs, Internships or Mentorships here (Save 20%): 
Why Do companies like WalMart, Verizon and Grumman have internship or mentorship programs?

Employers,Recruiters and HR professionals: Would you like to easily recruit skilled workers for an internship, mentorship or apprenticeship?   Our audience of mature skilled workers who are in a career transition can add some depth to your recruitment program.  
Why you need Interns Over 40:
  •        Over 1 million unique visitors who have diverse work skills and experience
  •             Designed to serve recruiters and employers who are cost conscious  but want a targeted skilled worker.
  •            Save time teaching  new employees who are have a deep work related skill.
Recruiting Starts here:
  •  Post Your Interns Over 40 Job Listing and  it will be automatically listed on our LinkedIn Interns Over 40 Job Discussion group site.
  • Job Posting Links will be sent out to the Interns Over 40 Blog List of over 10,000 Registered users.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: jobpost@internsover40.com .

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