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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recipe for Success With the Hidden Job Market

Recipe for Success With the Hidden Job Market

The Hidden Job Market is a phrase representing the 70% of all jobs that are unadvertised. Advertised positions comprise the remaining 30%. The percent of unadvertised opportunities has been steadily increasing because companies are finding ways of filling their staffing needs without having to formally announce positions and spend money on advertising. Social media strategies have become a chief recruiting tool so people seeking opportunities can do quite well if they understand how to navigate this terrain.

What is a Workable Method?
My definition of a workable method for accomplishing a goal is that it works most of the time. If a method works less than 25% of the time, or, if it takes a very long time to produce the intended result, it is NOT a workable method.

The traditional job search model, i.e. resume, cover letter, blanketing companies with your information and hoping you will generating interest, going on interviews hoping to get a second one, etc. is a model that works too infrequently to be a workable method. Most people know this but they cling to it anyway because they simply do not have an alternative. Now, you do. People also cling to outdated methods because they are terrified of admitting they don't have a real answer or solution.

In the steps below, you will learn a real, workable method for locating, creating and solidifying a large variety of profitable opportunities. Some of these may turn out to be traditional salaried employment and others may take different forms such as consulting, independent contract work, projects, partnerships, paid internships, freelance opportunities, etc. The bottom line is that they all have one thing in common—putting cash in your bank account.

Utilizing a Systems Solution
By embracing and applying the steps below, you will also transform how you think about yourself, your value in the marketplace, your communication and relationship skills and your level of confidence. You will no longer be at the effect of economic conditions.

This is an example of a systems solution where all aspects of a situation are carefully considered rather than using Band-Aids which aim to solve a large problem with a superficial, one dimensional solution.

I recommend that you print the 10 steps for achieving success in the Hidden Job Market below, and use it as checklist as you progress through your job/career transition process. If you would like some assistance in completing these steps, we're available to help. Just send us an email to support@breakthroughcoaching.cc CLOAKING and we'll respond promptly.

10 steps for achieving success in the Hidden Job Market

Step 1: Give Up the Job Seeker Label
Declare yourself to no longer be a job seeker and stop telling people you are looking for a job. This is perhaps the most difficult step, but it is the most important.

There may be a temporary vacuum caused by not knowing how to think and speak of yourself but not to worry, this gap will be replaced very quickly with a new, refreshing and empowering sense of professional identity, one that restores a sense of clarity, dignity and sense of personal power to your professional life.
For Rest of story by:
Howard Sambol The founder and director of Breakthrough Coaching. He is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Trainer and Program Designer.


  1. How is the hidden job market found in a major western metropolitan area?

  2. Although this article raised some key issues but honestly it did not help. The very ambitious plans are easier said than done & in the real world won't suffice. I'll really love to hear about the success rate from 'real people'.

  3. Typical self-serving article. Hire me and I'll help you find those hidden jobs! Yeah, and my realtor will actually sell my house for a decent price...

  4. Yes! Follow the links carefully to be able to see the 10 steps, don't get distracted by anything else. I really valued the advise regarding not labeling yourself and also stop using a chronological resume. Thank you soooooo much. You make a lot of sense. I will follow your advice. Gaby.


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