Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

100 Resources for Older Laid-Off Job Seekers

Editors Notes:As an older skilled worker was the last time you had to look for a new job pre-Internet (1994)? The great news is that there are so many new and readily accessible resources for job seekers,such as the US Department of Labors website.

During this time of economic strain, it seems like someone is getting laid off everywhere you turn. If it’s you facing the layoff, life looks bleak for now, but fear not – oh jobless one – here’s 100 resources, support groups and informational articles to get you back on your feet and pounding the pavement for a new job in no time. Now’s the time to dust off your shoulders and show those old bosses what they’ll be missing.

Paying the Bills and Starting the Search

From how to get state and federal unemployment assistance to places where you should post your resume this section is the first place to look after being laid off:

1. U.S. Department of Labor – The government’s resource for everything you need to know about labor laws and workplace information.

2. Labor Market and Workforce Information – The WIA Dislocated Worker Program page.

3. Office of National Response – Government information and resources about national emergency matters within the labor force.

4. Trade Adjustment Assistance – Information about the Trade Adjustment Assistance law placed in the 2009 stimulus bill.

5. Unemployment Insurance – Information and forms for unemployed citizens in need of insurance assistance.

6. Adult Services – Information on adult training and education for specialized jobs.

7. State Rapid Response Coordinators – Find a rapid response worker in your state.

8. Laid Off Workers – A complete government source for laid off workers.

9. Career One Stop – Job transition help for adults. Search for employment, training opportunities and financial assistance.

10. Service Locator – Unemployment services listed by state.

11. Happy Job Search – From the mind of a twice laid off worker comes this free job search tool that organizes your search results by what seems the most interesting to you.

12. Laid Off and Left Out – Resources and news for the unemployed.

13. National Employment Law Project – An unemployment advocacy project the focuses on changing unemployment benefits and ensure economic opportunity for all Americans.

14. AARP Resources - PDFs for Laid Off Workers – A trusted foundation for the retired community, AARP has provided several PDF forms with information on job loss help.

15. Job Hunt – A free online job search paired with job hunting advice and tips.

16. Monster.com – Another online job search from the trusted site, Monster.com.

17. United Steel Workers - Resource Guide for Laid Off Members – Are you a steel worker? Check out this packet made specifically for union steel workers being laid off.

18. WVEC.com - Free Services to Help You Survive a Layoff – An article from a Virginia news team that features resources tailored to a Virginia citizen that has been displaced from the job market recently.

19. Croot Pad – Test your knowledge of the career marketplace to see if you are ready to begin a new job search.

20. Career Builder.com – Yet another trusted job search resource. Post your resume online for employers to look at, and search for jobs based on your qualifications.

21. Recession Wire – All the latest news and analysis on the economic recession.

22. Business.gov – Want to work for yourself? Check out this site to find government regulations on starting your own business.

23. CareerVoyages.gov – A job search sponsored by the Department of Labor.

24. DisabilityInfo.gov – Everything you ever wanted to know about disability laws and benefits.

25. MyMoney.gov – Information for the consumer on how to have a healthy financial life. This site covers it all from education to retirement.

26. Monster.com - Stimulus Jobs Guide – What you need to know about stimulus jobs. Since the passing of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, new jobs will be created. This guide shows what type of impact the stimulus plan will have on the job market.

27. Georgia Department of Labor - Surviving a Layoff – Resources for Georgians facing a layoff. The site also features some national information for laid off workers.

28. Odd Job Nation – Find yourself an odd job and commiserate with others on the recession and layoffs.

29. The Ladders – Get yourself a job that pays you what you made before you were cut from your lifeline. The Ladders features executive pay jobs for those with the correct qualifications.

30. Indeed.com – A job search engine. Indeed searches multiple job sites for jobs in your area.

31. Simply Hired.com – A simple, less well-known job search site, but it features fresh listings and an RSS feed to keep you current on new postings.

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