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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 Resources for Laid-Off Job Seekers (2)

Helpful Articles to Get Your Life Back on Track

These best of breed blogs and websites provide invaluable information about how to cope, emotionally and financially with losing your job.

32. Wisebread - Help, I lost my job! – Tips on finding your way after a layoff. Check out the rest of the site for frugal living tips and personal finance articles.

33. Discovery Resources - Please Forward to the Newly Laid Off – A resourceful and insightful article on what to do after a layoff.

34. Learning and Laid Off – Fast Web investigates retraining and education after a layoff. Find out how get into a training program for a new career path.

35. Payscale.com - Preparing to be Fired or Laid Off – Six tips on how to prepare yourself for the dreaded pink slip.

36. I Been Laid Off – A blog on being laid off and what you can do about it. Find comfort in the community forum from other laid off employees.

37. The Laid Off Renegade – A book promotion site, but it’s chock full of resources on how to handle a layoff and what to do after you’ve been cut.

38. ABC News - First Steps After Being Laid Off – For those of us that like a little interaction on the Web, check out this video on what to do after your layoff and resources to keep your family afloat during financial hardships.

39. Changing Course.com – An inspirational site that encourages job change. Do something you love and carve your own path like Valerie Young.

40. The Digerati Life - Got Laid Off? What to Do When You Lose Your Job – Ten things to do when you lose your job - not after you walk out of the office screaming profanities at everyone in your path.

41. WebGrrls Intenational - How to Regroup After Getting Laid Off – Smooth your ruffled feathers with Holly McClure Ambrose’s advice on how to regain confidence in yourself after you received the corporate axe.

42. The Layoff Survival Guide – Another book promotion blog, but not without benefits. The site gives laid off workers advice on what to do during the first 72 hours of your layoff and other great information on coping with a layoff while rebuilding your career.

43. Bankrate.com - Laid Off? How to Cope with Debt – Even if you aren’t in a pile of debt, once you are laid off, a small credit card payment can kill your budget. Check out this article on how to deal with your debt after you’ve been laid off.

44. Columbia University - Tips for Laid Off Journalists – While journalists may be some of the best at frugal living based on their meager salaries, even journalists need a little help from their friends after a layoff. This list entails a wealth of information and resources specifically for displaced journalist folk.

45. Entrepreneur.com - Laid Off in 2008? Start a Business in 2009 – The success stories of three entrepreneurs building a business during a recession after losing a 9 to 5.

46. Smart Money - Laid Off? Here’s How to Stay Afloat – Published the summer of 2008, Smart Money was ahead of the game offering its readers tips on how to buoy their way out of a layoff.

47. CNN Money - Laid Off? Tips to Keep Health Coverage – CNN Money gives pink slip holders seven tips to hold on to health insure despite the pink paper.

48. Bankrate - What To Do Once You’ve Been Handed a Pink Slip – Hopefully, you have no idea what to do after you’ve received a pink slip because you’ve never gotten one before. What to do? Jeffrey Yamaguchi offers some insight on what’s next after getting laid off.

49. Time - What to Do If You Get Laid Off – A Q&A with employment consultant Martha Finney on what you should do after your boss tells you it’s over (your job that is).

50. Web MD - Laid Off? 10 Healthcare Tips – Web MD has got the laid off worker’s back with these ten tips on how to handle health insurance after you’ve been laid off.

51. CNN Money - Laid Off at 50: What Next? – Being laid off at 50 or older can seem like a nightmare. Don’t let your fears keep you from trucking on. CNN Money investigates game plans for the “older” displaced worker.

52. Directgov.com - Temporary Lay Off: An Introduction – A United Kingdom resource for laid off employees. Check it out for some good advice. You can always learn from your neighbors.

53. Wall Street Journal - Laid Off and Looking – The stories and musings of eight displaced M.B.A.’s during their search for new work during the recession.

54. About.com - Surviving a Layoff – About.com’s job searching expert, Alison Doyle, gives sound advice on how to endure a layoff and your rights as a member of the (temporarily) unemployed community.

55. All Business- Next Steps After a Layoff – An article on taking the next steps after a layoff and how to spin your tragedy into something positive.

56. About.com - How to Prepare for a Possible Layoff – A guide to preparing yourself for a possible layoff written for those in their early career stages.

57. FiLife Help Center - Layoff Survival Kit – A “kit” full of links and helpful information to stay on your feet after being laid off.

58. The Washington Post - Panicking About a Layoff? Here’s Help – Lily Garcia gives one Washington Post reader sound advice on what to do if you or a family member is anticipating a layoff.

59. Smart Money - 4 Steps That Can Help You Survive a Layoff – Four steps to take so that you and your family are better prepared for surviving a layoff during a recession.

60. Rediff News - 10 Tips to Survive a Layoff Financially – While finances may be the last thing you’ll want to deal with after being laid off, this article gives you ten tips to survive with your finances still intact.

61. Maine Business - How a Layoff Can Help You Start a Business – Using your layoff as a golden opportunity to become self-employed is a great start to rebounding from job loss. Investigate your options thoroughly.

62. Fierce CIO - Tips To Help You Survive a Layoff – More tips on surviving layoff hell.

63. Third Age - Tax Help After a Layoff – You’ve been laid off and now you still have to pay the man? Find out how being laid off can help your tax situation.

64. MSN Money - How the Tax Code Can Help You In a Layoff – More information on easing your tax pain after a layoff.

65. Union Plus - Surviving and Downsizing – Union Plus members qualify for special assistance after being laid off. Find out what’s available to you with this article.

66. Bizzia.com - The Layoff Support Network – An article on the Layoff Support Network and the type of help the network offers.

67. CIO - 7 Secrets for Surviving a Layoff in a Down Economy – Seven pieces of advice for recovering from a job loss during a poor economy. Check out the other related articles for more information.

68. Monster.com - Laid Off? Eight Effective Ways to Respond – Eight ways to fire back into the job market after losing your job.

69. About.com - What to Do When You’re Downsized – Downsizing is scary. Allison Doyle offers insight on how to handle an upcoming layoff.

70. About.com - How to Deal With Sudden Unemployment – You’ve been kicked to the corporate curb and now what? Career planning guide, Dawn Rosenberg McKay, tells you what to do next.

71. About.com - Preparing for a Layoff – Another layoff preparation article just in case you might be next.

72. About.com - What You Need to Know About COBRA – If you’ve never had to worry about health insurance, About.com gives you plenty of information about COBRA so that you still won’t need to worry if you lose your job and benefits.

73. About.com - Five Things Not to Do When You Leave Your Job – A list of things you should definitely not do after you’ve been laid off.

74. About.com - Losing Your Job –General support on losing a job.

75. Spokesman.com - After Layoff, Game Plan Can Help – Get together a game plan after a layoff to help your family’s budget stay in the black.

76. LJWorld.com - Signals Can Help Employees Predict Layoffs – Ever get that feeling someone is looking at you? LJWorld.com tells you how to achieve psychic success by reading signs of a layoff disaster.

77. Lawyers.com - Can Your Union Save You From a Layoff? – Advice from lawyers on layoff salvation via unions. Not to be misinterpreted as “legal advice.”

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