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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, February 23, 2015

‡ 4 Tips to De-Stress Your Job Search ‡

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 Four Tips to De-Stress Your Job Search:

Job seekers are spending long, grueling hours, hitting the job front from multiple angles, but the stress is becoming unbearable. So, I decided to build a list of de-stressing tips which hopefully provide you with some relief.

1. Take stock in what you have. When did our personal worth become indicative upon a j-o-b? No doubt, the loss of income will force us to make some difficult decisions, but never will our income, possessions, or number of/type of credit cards we hold even come close to representing our self-worth.

My husband reminded me yesterday of what beautiful grandsons we have; and no matter the kind of day I’m having, or the day they’ve had, we grace each other with smiles, hugs, and kisses. They don’t care about the job I have [or that I even have one]; they don’t care about the fanciness of clothes I wear; they don’t care about successes and failures I’ve had in my professional life. They care about my well-being, my happiness, and about the fullness of my “you’re loved” Grammy meter. =]

It’s too dang easy to lose sight of what *really* does matter, sadly concerning ourselves more about what’s secondary, maybe even irrelevant; i.e. why didn’t I get a response to my resume; why didn’t I get that call from the recruiter like he promised; and, why am I not getting interviews. You can stress about the “whys”, but at the end of the day, they are meaningless.

2. Embrace that you’re a pea in a pod. So many around you are facing the same job-search challenges, and although it might feel like you’re alone, maybe on your own deserted island, you are not alone.

I bet you have plenty to offer others who are unemployed – even if it’s just an open ear. What’s the best way for us to de-stress and shift focus from our own problems? Helping others always works for me.

Where can you find a “pea buddy”? How about …

■ Online forums
■ Local job clubs
■ Business groups
■ Networking events

“Let’s conquer this together.”

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  1. This is a much needed website I am a psychotherapist and many people are depressed and dealing with this issue. I will surely recommend it
    Karen Chambre, LCSW

  2. Your survival tips are terrific! It is important to feel more confident during a job search. Our site is about making people look more modern, current and project a better "personal brand".

    Stephanie Bernier, CEO

  3. I have recently been laid off for over (6) months. Everyday I would get out of bed early get dressed and goto "work" in my home office. This time the world of possiblities were ahead of me and no boss over my shoulder attempting to keep my loyality in check. I felt an immediate release and freedom just thinking about what my next career challenge would be!

    I was blessed to get interviews and eventually offers which I turned down due to relocation and family reasons. The ONE thing that kept me going thru it all was voluntering to help build a new church. My talents, skills and experience could be used to help others and allowed be contribute back to society in a positive manner. I in turn received increase in self-worth, heightened ambition and a much more positive attitude about what I was going thru. When we first decide to GIVE we get SO MUCH more than what we put into it!

    I have recently accepted a job offer for a position equal and better in somecases to my previous employment!

    I truly hope this encourages anyone and everyone struggling with unemployment. Never give up or lose hope! Your time will come!

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  5. At 42 with red hair and a failed PhD under my belt I am convinced that the age and hair color bias is in full effect. I only have degrees in chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology though. It as if the hiring managers won't hire someone who is smarter then them. So add intelligence bias to the list.


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