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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 Tips to De-Stress Your Job Search (pt. II)

3. Get out every day, even if it’s just a walk through your back yard. Visit your local library, and yes, the local unemployment office. Being unemployed doesn’t mean you need to be in seclusion, facing the uphill battle all on your own.

Don’t overlook transition assistant programs for those who’ve left the military, the resources provided from local employment centers, and the benefits that result from *just talking with people.*

Here’s another “insider tip” that few use: visit your Chambers of Commerce. You’d be amazed how wonderful the people are who man these offices [I've served on countless executive boards and committees over the years] … and wow, what a terrific resource they can be. These people are so helpful, and I *guarantee* you won’t leave your Chamber’s office unsatisfied. For example, they can provide details on upcoming business networking events (great for meeting professionals in your area), provide you with a membership directory (packed full of local companies, addresses, and sometimes, contact names), and on occasion can provide job leads.

Need additional ideas for getting out every day?

■ Meet your significant other for lunch; brainstorm on job-search strategies and ideas worth pursuing. In fact, ask for more than just advice … ask for hands-on help. An extra pair of eyes and hands can go a long way.
■ Go yard sale-ing – crazy! I know. =] It’s fun though … and fun is a great de-stresser. Ah, but mention you’re searching for a job as you casually peruse each sale’s offerings. You’ll be amazed how many job leads you’ll uncover using this unorthodox method.
■ Join area business groups that have “power lunch sessions” – many of the ABWA groups have daily power lunch meetings for professionals wanting that daily “kick in the pants” of motivation.

4. Grab a drink and curl up with a good book. Never overlook the calming effect of just sitting still and taking time for yourself. If you feel guilty stepping away from your job-search, opt for a self-help book to brush up your time management skills, or whatever skill you wish to improve upon, or go with something like the following:

What Color is Your Parachute, written by Richard Nelson Bolles [a great read]
Who Moved My Cheese, written by Spencer Johnson [funny stuff]

You may be jobless, but you are never, never useless or worthless. And don’t you forget it!


Teena Rose is a crafty 10-year career writer — not your run-of-the-mill resume specialist. She’s noted as a resume 2.0 strategist, understanding that today’s job-search is increasingly dominated by the next generation of job-search tools. You can find her on Twitter, on LinkedIn and on her website.

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  1. Hi, Teena,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to destress during your job search. I find positive motivational books help my mood, attitude, and enthusiasm toward life.

    I have read are The Science of Success which a friend gave me when I met her for a networking meeting. She also loaned me Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. My friend went to Tony's seminar and she told me it changed her life in a positive way. Reading good books can transform our thoughts and that makes a big difference in our lives.

    I also agree that getting some fresh air can free up your negative, self-defeating thoughts and replace them with a very different outlook on life. I often go to a park near where I live and just a simple walk can definitely change my thought pattern and increase my energy. The key for me is simply enjoying the outdoors. I don't take music with me, I just notice my surroundings and observe nature.

    Thank you for your suggestion of visiting our local chamber of commerce. I'll have to try that one. I thought about doing that several months ago, but for some reason I haven't.

    I hope others follow your advice and/or share there own ideas of how they destress during a job search.

    I especially appreciate your last sentence, "You may be jobless, but you are never, never useless or worthless. And don’t you forget it!
    " It is so easy to feel useless and worthless when searching for your next employment opportunity. This sentence is very true, and very empowering.

    Thank you,

    Jim Horrell - jrhorrell@live.com

  2. Great tips. I'm already using most of them but definitely picked up some more. This site is very helpful. Keep it coming!

  3. I'm burning up alot of the stress by swimming three days of the week. Some great deals out there on gym memberships. I'm using a local YMCA. Feel pretty energetic and ready for interviews as well as looking a little more physically fit.

  4. Thank you for this ... I am using these steps (or at least most of them) right now and it is critical to surviving those days when it feels like everyone is heading to work but you!

  5. This is so stupid. NO MONEY, NO LIFE.

    And I believe that this is a deliberate conspiracy on the part of our leaders and the corporate overlords to kill off the surplus population.

  6. The Chamber idea is great, especially for people trying to start a freelance business.

    But power lunches? You have money to eat out? You have money to eat?

  7. In addition to the 4 things, I suggest facing your situation as a need to "find a new customer" for your product (you). The old customer was your former employer. You still offer value. The change in your old customer's neeed did not devalue what you can offer to a new customer (potential employers).

  8. very good hints and staying positive is very important to your job search. Good luck to all!


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