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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Poddle Interview story:Happy Halloween

The Poodle Interview

I electronically sent my resume and samples to an internet advertising firm in Philadelphia.I got an immediate response! “How soon can you come in and speak with us? No. that’s too late! Can you come in tomorrow? We want you to meet with our president.” So after juggling some deadlines and pulling a... late nighter, my freelance clients covered, I arrived with portfolio in hand bright and early the next day. I sat in the lobby waiting for 20 minutes. Not a good sign. Then a woman from HR came out and brought me into an empty office explaining the president was “busy”. In walked a poodle( yes, a poodle). The poodle was introduced to me as the president’s dog who roamed freely about the building and wasn’t that a sign of how cool they were…I waited for almost an hour. Finally I decided that I’d show my book to the poodle who appeared to have the most manners in the office. The poodle sat politely an appeared mildly interested. Little did I know then that it was the closest I’d ever get to the president.I guess the poodle was just being polite because I never heard from them again.
thanks to Kathleen

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