Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
Fastest Way To Get A Job Webinar

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top 10 Tips for Personal Branding Online (3)

8. The Competition – who are they and how can I stand out?
What are your “personal brand USP’s (unique selling points) that makes you stand out and their number one choice for the job. Don’t ever forget recruitment is an “investment decision” “why should I invest in you?” what will you provide my organisation that helps to stand you out from other candidates?
Tough to think of it like this BUT that is the reality and in your personal brand you need to lead with your USP’s.

9. The Channel
Every message needs a channel and today these are more varied than ever before. It can be a postcard in a shop window, pitching at the bar, through to a Facebook or Linkedin account.

You can write a blog or put yourself up for auction on Ebay! (yes someone did this…, got lots of press and a job)
What ever the channel think about the message, your USP’s, what you deliver in return and why they should employ you.

10. The “ME” Marketing Mix

1. The right message – Clearly articulate who you are and the value you bring
2. The right place – where is my audience
3. The right time – when is my audience most likely to be looking
4. Be consistent as possible - express "you" across all channels

Your Takeaway:
This may all sound like to much hard work to some, or to academic to others but you can benefit from taking this approach. Know what you really want, and don’t want to do.
If you then know what you are good at (and not so good at), where your likely to fit in – build and focus your efforts and resources on a job search that’s defined to be your best “fit”.

Let your USP’s come to the fore and your focus and passion shine through, and a recruiter will see the fit. It’s not easy but it’s worth doing.

Finally check regularly what is being said about you online, yes people may comment on your blog, Facebook, Linkedin or on their own blogs. Called “online reputation management”, a simple way to do this is once in a while put your own name into Google and see what come up. The words of others impact on your brand and reputation.
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by Keith Robinson Aug 30, 2009

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