Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Researching a Prospective Employer - how to do it (3)

What details should I uncover?

You now know where to look, it’s time to make a little list of what details to uncover. Consider finding these details when researching an employer:

• Mission or philosophy statement
• Source(s) of funding
• Company ownership (private or public?)
• Board of Directors
• Reputation
• History or background
• Clientele list or membership
• Strategies and goals
• Areas of specialization
• New projects
• Age
• Size and growth pattern
• Recent layoffs
• Number of employees
• Locations
• Office condition or facility types
• Personnel policies
• Types of people they employ
• Health of the industry
• Compensation and benefits
• Services or products sold or provided
• Career path or other opportunities available

Be sure to consider other details specific to the field or industry you are interested in. It’s important not to be shy about this process, as any employer worth your time is sure to conduct similar research on you.

What now?

Researching a prospective employer may seem like some work, but the results can be very rewarding especially if you decide NOT to apply for a job based on your findings. It just makes sense to do some homework on a company before applying for a job as you or your family may depend on this paycheck in the future.

When researching any prospective employer be sure to consider your goals, desires, and ethics to see how they fit given the information you’ve dug up. Depending on your findings, the organization may not be an ideal fit for who you are as a person. Short of uncovering criminal activity, everyone’s criteria will be different.

Do you conduct employer research when job hunting? Have you uncovered some dirt which has led you not to apply for a job? Any sleuthing advice for others?

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  1. I wrote down all the things you said to research, not because I don't already do most of those things, but because I don't want to forget something. There were some things on the list that I hadn't thought of that were equally important. I also want to develop a form I can fill out so I can use this for researching my target companies. Knowing these things can make you sound more knowledgeable in your interview. More importantly, job seekers need to realize that you are interviewing the company while they are interviewing you.


Was this article useful? If so, subscribe to our newsletter to read more!