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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Career Shift at Age 40 - steps to success (2)

Step 4. Re-write your budget. Unfortunately, most job switches will cost you money. Even if the new career you want to get into pays more, you'll usually have to fork out some money. So, sit down and look at your budget and decide how much a new career is worth to you. For those of you with children and spouses, you'll need to include them in this process. It'll help you promote a positive family environment while you cut a few expenses.

Step 5. Run with it. Once you done the prior four steps, go forth. Do something on a regular basis to propel you towards your new career until you can work in it full-time. For wanna-bee writers, that means you'll need to write on a regular basis and submit your work. You can start with a local newspaper, magazine or even an online site like Associated Content. You'll soon see that with each effort you move a little closer to your goal and also gain confidence.

In conclusion, don't let the middle-years of your life be spent on a job you don't really love. Switch careers if you want to and get into something that'll make you want to get up every morning with a smile.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like killing myself.

Chris said...

Interesting article. Appleby career consultants have helped support many mid life career changers. We recommend before embarking on a career change that the client asks reaching questions about their motivations and that a structured campaign is undertaken. Appleby executive career management

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