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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recruiting on Facebook - What Works & What Doesn't (2)

5. If your company has a Facebook Workplace Network (a closed network for individual companies) it can be used as a hybrid recruiting/retention tool. Think of it as a ‘company intranet’. If your company does not have one you can request Facebook to add your company to the list. Only employees with a company sponsored email address can join and participate. Encourage your employeees to use it to communicte with each other.

6. Target ‘boomerangs‘ or ex-employees by courting them with a Facebook group. By promoting the group among your current employees, the group will slowly grow and begin to populate itself.

7. Facebook has a great sourcing tool - use the two search features that are relevant to employers, Coworkers and Profile search.

8. Tap the regional networks - Facebook is made up of 4 types of networks: Regional, Workplaces, Colleges and High Schools. As an employer you can take advantage of all but the High Schools. Target these areas by posting jobs and listing job fairs.

9. Stimulate conversations using ”Discussion Boards” and “The Wall “. The discussion boards are a great way to attract members of the targeted community by showcasing the company culture, attractive features, challenging positions and company news. The Wall is a venue to say hello to the community and begin your connecting . You can offer job advice about your target region.

10. My Company’s Hiring is Facebook application where you can enter current jobs in you business/organization. They will be displayed on your company page.

11. iHipo, an online global recruitment agency, built their own Facebook application - which gives users a feed of the most recent jobs, mainly entry- level executive jobs and internships with local and international firms.

Here is a beginning list of Facebook Recruiting SUCCESS STORIES.

1. Ernst & Young became first employer to use Facebook for recruiting in January 2007. They currently have over 18,000 fans and their career page is very active.

2. KPMB is a global company very active in the Facebook community. There are over 500 KPMB groups on Facebook from career sites to Alumni pages.

3. Deloitte’s group has 4,451 members is extremely active.

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