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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday Editorial:Is Being in Career Transition Over 40 a Blessing?

Is Being Over 40 a Blessing? What are your thoughts?

OK. You're out of work. BUMMER! You still remember when it was OK to have a drink after work. Smoke in a "smoking area." Feeling like your job was more than a "job". It was your life long career. But now it is a new world. Well maybe not that new. Your old job is gone. Maybe even your whole industry-like the auto, travel, consumer electronics or dozens of other industry's. Some having passed like the era of the dial phone (I know you have used one) and CD player. If you are using one hide it and get a IPOD or IPHONE immediately. It is time to retool, retrain and restore your confidence. There is no shame in learning. Well except if you are one of the thousands of unappreciated and under paid teachers who work for love while providing a very important role in our society. But we will save that for another day.

If you one of the 500,000 plus new visitors to our blog our aim at Interns Over 40 is simple. Help you find a way out of the nightmare. Whether it
is "Alice in Wonderland" or "Nightmare on Elm Street" (don't fall asleep)! We will try to educate you, point you in right direction and hook you up (not the under 30 meaning) with new career tools for the older skilled worker Yes you may be competing with a 20 or 30 something. But as a skilled worker you have a lot of knowledge about working in a career. So put your beanie cap on, turn on your MacBooks (OK Windows notebooks), carry your IPHONE/Blackberry and learn from those who know. Your future can, no will now be brighter. It's up to you. Start today.

What do you think?

Editorial Notes:
Contributor: Bobby Edelman

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  1. Who writes this stuff? The email copy is in a light green and small type that it is almost impossible to read and this is aimed at people over 40? It's like a bad joke. Then the writing itself is poorly written, mistakes galore, badly punctuated. If you're going to write something, you should write it like people over 40 expect--not written in mistake-laden text-eese, fluorescent green! Come on. Have a little respect.

  2. Anonymous. Thanks! We corrected the email RSS feed color and style of the font. I hope it allows everyone over 40 to more easily read the stories. Have a great day.

  3. Well now that hte all important graphics are handled you might want jump in and correct the grammatical eras which exist in abundance throughout the entire text....No I am not an English teacher or a book editor...Simply a memeber of the generation that realized the purpose of a book was not to balance an out of balance table or chair....Sorry if I don't wan to buy an i pod. A man had one of those devices blow up next to his ear the other day....You are right I remember all those things. I also remember when the people in this country believed in the opportunities that once abounded here. I remember people who strove to do their job with intergrity, honor and professionalism.
    I am now sixty and never thought that the skills I have accumulated over the course of my career would be deemed obsolete..I have persued to fold my existing skills in with new skills I have attained. Of course the one thing that this entire population is ignoring, especially those who live in terror of the fact that no ones job is secure anymore (was it ever?)and are afraid to stand up with their unemployed and underemployed friends because of the veiled threat of job losss and even career assassination...Thanks for letting me vent......I was going to go back and edit this piece but figured based on your example that doing so would be unimportant....BBFN TFN BFF

  4. By the way....Before you go nuts...My errors are intentional. Of course I know that the is spelled this way and not hte. Errors are not eras; not even if I was from New Jersey and I wrote with an accent....Oh yeah. The text message at the end. I've noticed that text messaging is an attmept to create a new shorthand language that is definitely backed up by the U.S. government...Acronyms run rampant there.....U.S.A U.S.A.F. USMC....CIA...NSA...DEA...FBI..... etc, etc.
    Bye Bye For Now (BBFN) Thanks for nothing (TFN) Best Friend Forever (BFF)


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