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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace (2)

Effective Communication
Messages, information and instructions
must be conveyed in a form that is easily and clearly understood. There must be regular and constructive feedback from the managers or management - to provide directions and advice; guidance to resolve conflicts and correct misunderstandings. Communication should be two-way. There must be an appropriate channel of communication with team members or workers to provide updates, feedback and opinions as well as check on the progress status of tasks and projects.

Appropriate leadership
It is imperative to have effective leadership within the organization to ensure that plans are properly implemented and monitored. Workers may require motivation to follow through the tasks and be constantly reminded of the company's vision and objectives. An effective leader will guide and support the workers, help increase their self-confidence and realize their potential more fully. There must be a system for the workers to measure their work, and check against company goals. Without measurement and answerability, some workers will either lose focus of their goals or waste time and efforts on unproductive tasks.

Managing Resistance
Teamwork must be promoted throughout the organization, and driven by the top management. There will be minions at all levels of the organization who will treat this with skeptism, resistance or outright hostility. The management must be observant and open to deal with these staff or managers, before they hamper the entire process with their negative attitudes or disbelief.

Encourage Team Activities
To ensure that team spirit endures and permeates through all levels of the organization, the theme should be team.
All activities and projects should be organized or assigned on team-basis. Members and workers should be given every opportunity and encourage to work as a team. Besides work, the management should look into organizing activities for workers to bond, like company outings, lunches, even fun contests that emphasize teamwork.

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