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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 Resources for Laid-Off Job Seekers (3)

Support – Coping with a Layoff on Your Shoulders

Sometimes the best way to cope with a major life change like being laid off is to reach out and connect with others who have shared similar experiences. Here you’ll find the best communities and ways to share and hear the experiences of others.

78. Laid Off Camp Community Wiki – A community for recently laid off workers to discuss new ways to reinvent your career.

79. Laid Off Central – Social network with other people going through a layoff.

80. Laid Off Help – A support group and resource guide for “corporate road kill.”

81. Ask Miss A - A Bit of Help for Those Laid Off – Miss A doles out advice to the financially shaky.

82. Lay Off Daily – News on layoffs and recession reports.

83. About.com - Got the Layoff Blues? Find Help and Hope – An article on how to cope with a layoff and the sense of loss it brings.

84. Business Week - Layoff Help – Another video focusing on how to cope with a layoff and where to find help.

85. The Resiliency Center – As humans, we are resilient. Find your inner resilience after losing your job and bounce back.

86. Layoff Recovery - Mia McCreery shares information and ideas on what to do after you’ve been handed a pink slip.

87. Laid Off, Pissed Off – Rants and personal stories from laid off employees. Sometimes it just helps to be mad about it.

88. American Federation of State, Community and Municipal Employees - Layoff Helpline – Union Plus member information for layoff support and help.

89. Layoff Support Network – A safety net of support from laid off individuals and resources to keep displaced workers on their feet.

90. About.com - How to Cope With Job Loss – What to do and how to deal with sudden unemployment status.

Family and Layoff Survivors – The Effects Extend Past Those Laid Off

Losing your job isn’t the end of the world. These articles will help inspire you to move on and look forward.

91. Fast Company - You Survived a Layoff at Work, How Do You Get Creative Again? – While you may be teetering on the edge and made it through layoff cuts, emotional wreckage is hard to avoid. Learn how to manage your emotions from losing colleagues and get back to work.

92. Career Builder.com - Layoff Survivor’s Guilt – It’s easy to feel guilty for not being in the batch of people who had to be laid off. Cope with the guilt and learn how to still stay in touch with old colleagues without building resentment.

93. eHow.com - How to Help Your Spouse Through a Layoff – When a loved one gets laid off, why isn’t there a manual telling you how to react? Here’s some advice to start with.

94. No Job Survivor - Explaining Your Layoff – Not only do you get the pleasure of being “fired,” but then you get to explain it to your family. Here’s how.

95. WCCO.com - Ways to Help you Dodge the Next Layoff – Avoid the next layoff! Take heed, layoff survivors.

96. About.com - How Should I Explain My Job Loss to My Tween – Nothing is more agonizing for some parents than to have to have serious talks with a budding adolescent. About.com’s Jennifer O’Donnell tells you how to handle breaking the news to your tween.

97. Colorado Communication Coach - 15 Ways to Help Friends Handle a Layoff or Downsizing – Laura Benjamin gives reader 15 ways to help a laid off friend cope with the recent job loss.

98. NewsFactor Business - Layoff Etiquette 101: How to Help Colleagues – A guide on what to say and what not to say to colleagues facing a layoff.

99. George’s Employment Blawg - Layoff Survivor: What’s Your Plan? – George blogs on surviving layoffs and getting back to business after the laid off employees leave and the gossip beings.

100. Jishka.com - Surviving a Layoff – A psychological study on the survivors of an economic downturn and layoff plan. The study focuses on how the “survivors” affect productivity and workplace restructuring.

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