Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Interview Tips for a Recruiter (3)

Tip 8: Summarise the Job Vacancy

After allowing the Job Seeker to deliver answers to questions based on their back ground and working history, interviewers are advised to summarise the role at hand. Recruiters should always detail the role in further detail to that of the initial job advertisement. Remembering the 20/ 80 rule, summarise the job function and the role that the candidate will provide for if successful in their application. Summarise core responsibilities and well as key performance areas of the vacant role. What will be expected of the successful candidate and the style in which they will be required to work? Job Seekers are also only now, during the interview, establishing if this is the role that they do in fact want to fill and in order to do so they require further information from you. By ignoring this job interview tip, Recruiters will learn that permanence is never achieved if a candidate is placed in a role that they are not completely aware of what is required of them. Recruiters should rather avoid this wasted time, money and effort and rather be transparent about the role as well as the company the candidate will be joining.

Tip 9: Allow the Job Seeker to Ask Questions.

This job interview tip is often underestimated in its relevancy. By asking a Job Seeker if they have any questions regarding the vacancy or the company, often reveals further clues into the candidate's authenticity and desire to fill the role. If a Job Seeker has no questions pertaining to the vacancy, this may display a lack of interest and rather desperation for the job itself as opposed to their desire to want to add value to the company. Based on the type of questions posed by Job Seekers, will also display the preparation and research they have done before attending the meeting and thus further illustrate their desire to join the organisation. First prize goes to the Recruiter that places a candidate with a burning desire to add value and join your specific organisation as opposed to those Job Seekers merely looking for a pay cheque with minimum input required.

Tip 10: Be Guided by Legalities of HR

The final and most relevant Job interview tip shared here is; prior to chairing a job interview, Recruiters and interviewers in general are firmly advised to familiarise themselves to the legalities of recruitment. Be aware of illegal or sensitive questions that should not be posed to Job Seekers as well as discriminatory laws that all Job Seekers are protected by. Job Seekers have concrete rights and if they feel for one moment that their interview was biased or discriminatory they are equipped with resources to defend their application if unsuccessful.

All Recruiters and job interviewers should lead their interviewing process with the highest level of transparency and integrity. Remember that today's candidates may be tomorrows clients and by making use of each of the above documented job interview tips, Recruiters will conduct each interview with professionalism and straightforwardness that will ensure the most positive outlook on your establishment of both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

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