Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Starting Your Own Business With Security!

Starting Your Own Business With Security!  Learn More At Dan’s Webinar
By Dan Citrenbaum

It happens all the time.

Many people say they have always wanted to own their own business. But few follow through. One of the most common reasons they give is that they have never owned a business and lack experience “How will I know all the things I’ll need to do?” they ask. “I’m a good manager. But there are so many other things involved in owning a business. How will I know how to do those?”
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And that, ladies and gentlemen, captures the reason to invest in a franchise. Unlike starting a business from scratch, when you invest in a franchise, the franchise company will train you in all of the things you’ll need to know. And they will continue to help and support you as part of your agreement.

Nobody has mastered all of the different skills needed to successfully start, grow, and run a business. But with a franchise, you don’t have to know all of that before you start.

Three quarters of all people who start a franchise have no experience at all in that industry. But because of the training and support they get, these people build successful, profitable, long-lasting businesses. These franchises out-perform even established independent competitors.

Franchises consistently have greater revenues and profits than independents. How do they accomplish this? The franchise company trains and supports the owners.

In most franchise companies you have support across all crucial areas of the business. Whether it is technology, or staffing, or sales, or human resources, or advertising – or even all of these – the franchise company will a knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you.

No, you won’t magically become an expert in all of these areas. But you will be able to perform as if you are an expert. Because you will have access to the franchisor’s staff. This staff will help you every step of the way, both before and after you get started.

Are you one of the people who is concerned they don’t have a broad enough range of skills to ensure their success as a business owner? That is a very valid concern. Quite simply, it’s hard to be a master of all skills.

If you get into business by starting a franchise, you will not need to be the master of all of the necessary skills. The franchisor will be there to help, train, and support you. Every step of the way.

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Dan Citrenbaum is a Franchise Coach and Entrepreneurial Consultant, and is a franchisee himself. He has spent over 25 years helping small business owners start and grow their businesses, in order to achieve their dreams. He offers a free service to help people find an existing business to buy, or a successful franchise to start. View his company’s web site at www.EntrepreneurOption.com Mr. Citrenbaum can be reached at DCitrenbaum@gmail.com or at (215) 367-5349.

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