Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job

Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
Fastest Way To Get A Job Webinar

Sunday, July 30, 2017

6 Ways To Kill Your Job Search Without Knowing

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Recruitment Revolution recently polled 1700 companies where “employers reveal most off-putting traits displayed by job applicants.”   There are a couple of very revealing conclusions. First you better be thinking about how you present yourself to the outside world before you NEED to find a new job. 

What you write and say on social media sites WILL likely be viewed by a prospective recruiter or employer. So those innocent posts with photos on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can turn into a magnifying lens in which a recruiter can be Judge and Jury without you ever getting cross examined. 

Here are the 6 Ways You Can Kill Your Job Search Without Knowing.

  1. Abbreviating when you write. Ex. “TTYL” Talk to you later.
  2. Spelling errors on your social media, resume and emails.
  3. Listing your other interests and hobbies that are fun, but not necessarily good employee traits. Like partying instead of scuba diving.
  4. During interviews avoiding eye contact, bad breath and confrontational body language.
  5. 73% of Employers checked social media before hiring. Yes if you post it then assume it part of “your permanent record”.
  6. Dressing too Casual.

All of these self destructive behaviors can be modified with very little effort. Why not give yourself an edge in the race to a new career or job.  What other traits have you seen that are self destructive?


  1. My pet peeves as a recruiter:
    Unprofessional email addresses like: princess69@whateversite.com, thestudmuffin@whateversite.com, I would like to see simple names.
    I do not like when applicants get too personal with me in their emails and initial calls. Calling me Nick, Nikki, when I prefer Ms. Stevens, (Necole is kind of okay). I do not like gum chewing. I also get turned off by people who are long winded when a simple yes or no would be acceptable.

  2. Nice points. It is important for the candidates to be professional especially when they are looking for a job. If they are sending a mail to a company, it should be properly and professionally written. Candidates who are using social media sites for job search should upload their professional pic which will put a good impression on the employers.

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