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Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Reasons To Hire Older Workers

1.) Older workers have lower absenteeism rates than younger employees.

2.) Older workers have lower turnover rates than younger employees.

3.) Older employees are generally more loyal employees.

4.) Older employees have less job injuries than younger employees.

5.) Older employees are less likely to steal from your company.

6.) Older employees bring a wealth of experience with them to work.

7.) Older employees generally have a strong work ethic.

8.) Older workers generally find satisfaction with and enjoy their work.

9.) Older workers want to work, at least part-time, even after they retire.

10.) You will one day be an older worker.

What's your opinion on this? Do you agree with the 10 reasons to hire older workers? Are the myths true in any nature?

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Rita Carey said...

I would caution boomers about comparing themselves to younger workers in a way that denigrates younger workers. Their workforce may be young, the interviewer may be younger, and it's all about "will you fit in?" There are ways to point out these advantages without making comparisons. I offer a free webinar at on the 40+ Job Search: Debunking the Myths. If interested, go to my webinars page to register. This is the age group that I work with and my clients have been successful in getting past the age barriers.

Nasir Zuberi said...

Older workers also have certain mind sets which only leads to limiting imagination. At times they are good politicians & create every possible hurdle to ensure continuation of their job & causing failure for the new commer.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Nasir although I recognize that there are regional differences due to local culture. The idea described from Nasir might be due to a bias of perception due to age difference. My personal opinion is that this topic is not black or white. I know (and I have known) many young people that are (and were) definitively less alive, less open minded and less flexible and versatile than older workers. So, age "per se" it's not an issue. Experience has to do with time only when fertilize with an open mindset. Otherwise time brings sclerotization of thinking. Back to the Nasir idea, I think that people with similar age are more inclined to fight against competitors than people much younger or much older, for obvious reasons.

Michael Moretti said...

The title clearly indicates that the article is about reasons to hire older workers; it's not about reasons not to hire younger workers. Many of the bullet points can and have been measured.

Anonymous said...

My own observations at my work is that the last three young engineers lasted less than 2 years. I know a branch manager of a 200+ employee engineering firm of which he is over 40. We discussed the challenges he has in keeping his younger engineers to stay past 3 years. Many simply want to work on the computer building engineering models but not interested in becoming well rounded project managers. The utility I work for has a constant turnover of younger workers, usually less than 3 years. Not sure how you stem the tide.

Anonymous said...

It's a $alary issue. The only way I could increase my salary measurably was to switch jobs. Otherwise increases were between 0 - 2%

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