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Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Has More Support Than Tea Party. Your Reaction?

10/14/11: New Poll Shows Occupy Wall Street Has More Support Than Tea Party. Surprisingly the highest support is among people making over 75k dollars a year. What is your reaction to this poll and where the movement is going?

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll:

  • 37% of the country tends to support the movement; 18% oppose; 25% have no opinion. That’s more than those who say they support the Tea Party -- just 26% say they support it, while 64% say they do not. 
  • Perhaps counter-intuitively, the movement has its highest support among the highest income earners, (those making more than $75,000 year): 40% support, 24% oppose. Among the poorest, however, it is also popular (less than 30K year): 35% support, 11% oppose.
  • Among ethnic groups, the protests are popular among African-Americans, 41% support, 7% oppose; among Hispanics 35% support, 15 oppose; among Whites 37% support, 18% oppose.
  • Among political parties, unsurprisingly, the movement is most popular among Democrats (56%-6%), and least popular among Republicans, where a plurality do not support 17%-34%. Independents support 34%-17%. Source:www.msnbc.com

10/01/11:850 Cities Now Have "Occupy" Movements. It is time to have the voice of the unemployed and underemployed older worker heard. Amazing things can happen when enough "adults" stand united.
 99% er's:1 Voice + 1 Vote > 1% er's.  Your reaction, stories and comments.

Reaction Of the Day:I don't know who you talk to, but I am 55 and am willing, no have tried, to get ANY job. I have 25 years in the IT field and I can't get a daytime bartender job, a helpdesk job, waiter, or anything. I and the others want to work, but we can't get hired because we are "overqualified" which, of course, translates to "too old." But again, I will take any job, ANY job. " Anonymous.

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