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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Jobs Bill and No Ideas: Welcome To The Idiot's Ball.

A government for the people (translation: most of the people) in its current state seems to be on life support. Its cast of traditional political parties wrapped in with a few fringe movements are disconnected from the masses.  Corporate wealth continues to trump the interests of the 99%.
Whether you are conservative , liberal , independent or just confused let me restate that our government has lost a sense of being in a partnership with "the people". Whether you are or were a supporter of Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell or Eric Cantor, it is time to wake up from the dream or or perhaps a nightmare.
When a government based on democratic principles fails to properly serve the people it can  result in few predicable outcomes. 
  1. The people capitulate and remain vocal but ineffective. This is our current system. 
  2. The people take over the conversation and initiate dialog that results in the existing system becoming more responsive to their needs. Which we will call the Tea Party Solution solution and perhaps the "Occupy Movement".
  3. The people take over and radically change the system.  The New World Movement.  (Egypt,Turkey,Tunisa)
I would argue that we are now in the midst of tipping to the "New World Movement". This not necessarily a  
liberal or conservative view. It is a view that focuses on the 99% ers who only desire is lead a life which they feel they deserve as citizens of USA (and perhaps the world) of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Simply said: "I want to feed my family, pay my rent, have my kids get a education and be optimistic as to the future of our country ( and world). " 

But in today's environment that is just a dream. But does it have to be?  With today's traditional political parties it is a course of events that's outcome is again predictable. Candidates who generally have the economic resources and sophistication to campaign win office.  What this means is $$$$ from the 1%, either through corporations or individuals (via Super Pacs or Pacs) flowing into the coffers of elected officials. Eventually giving them access and a voice into public policy. Kinda you scratch my itch and we will give you what you want. Sounds like a horrible crack habit doesn't it. The system churns the players year to year but the outcome is so predictable for the two home teams. It is kind of like a baseball season that only has two teams playing like the Yankees and Red Sox. Guess which one is going to win.

The result: 
Public Policy that accentuates the benefits of a few at the cost of the many. This is undeniable.  Might I apologize in advance to some of the current political elite like Eric Cantor and Harry Reid that might disagree as being  "men of the people". 

So where do we go from here?

Sadly there is no clear answer yet. We the people will eventually define it. 

For many of the less fortunate the short term future pretty well defined:
  1. The number of unemployed and underemployed will continue to increase
  2. The number of discouraged workers will continue to increase
  3. Middle Class workers wages will continue a downward trend ( NYTimes: Congressional Budget Office)
  4. Foreclosures of homes will increase
  5. More people will enter the welfare roles
  6. Suburban poverty (NYTimes-Cleveland) will become a more import public policy issue now that it is in my neighborhood
  7. Older workers will have a increasingly difficult time finding jobs due to a combination of  lack of supply of jobs, skills mismatch and age bias
  8. Congress and the Presidential dis-function are unlikely lead us out of the the job creation doldrums
  9. The 1% will start to feel some minor economic and perhaps political discomfort  in their lifestyle
Share your thoughts and reactions?  Its ok to be frustrated and angry. But I will reserve the right to hit the delete button on those who are hate full in their discourse.  Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Gee, does this mean it is not the job seekers' fault after all? Hard to believe since this blog has been about nothing else other than "It's just your negativity, not your age." (And the mistakes you make writing a resume...or you are too dumb to figure out social media, which easier to use than computers of the 1980's were).

  2. The writer does make a good point much of the material has been it's very hard have experts(?)who do seem seem to be pushing there own business
    Seeing the same articles re-posted and looking at the threads and seeing the last comments posted months ago or even last year. (with nothing since)
    It is refreshing to see an article reflecting the times even if it is a little late.


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