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Thursday, May 2, 2013

“2011 Fair Playing Field Act to Protect All American Workers Against Age Discrimination”

If you believe that older workers have endured institutionalized age discrimination then your voice can be heard. You can sign a petition that advocates Congress to support the elimination of age discrimination in the work place. Remember sometimes government needs to given a gentle push that will help change the way people are treated in the work place. If you want to learn more you can click here to read the full petition.

Our current LinkedIn polling indicates that many of you have endured some form of age discrimination. See the preliminary result below indicating that 74% have experienced some form of age discrimination during the hiring process.

Interns Over 40 Poll Question and Answers on Age Bias: Have You Ever Felt Age Discrimination Was A Factor During Your Hiring Process? (Only 40+ Year Olds)

By Bobby Edelman Founder & Explorer  •   215 votes  •  25 comments  •  10 days left
255075100125150Yes159 (74%)No30 (14%)Do Not Care2 (1%)Maybe23 (11%)
Overall demographics
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99 male55 female

The Petition Summary:

"This petition is a crucial step in ending age discrimination in the work place and in America, and convincing the United States Congress that such legislation is in the best interest of all of the American people and needed immediately .

This petition address the core issue, that of age discrimination which drives many serious cyclical age and unemployment bias and unjust hiring practices.

It is our purpose to end age discrimination in the work place, from companies, employment and, staffing agencies regarding practices such as unemployed bias in job ads, the interview process, unemployed status, bad credit bias and that toward extending unemployment benefits for those without work for more than six months.

Federal legislation is needed that would provide age discrimination protection to workers age forty and older like that provided for race, gender, national origin and religion in civil rights law.

It has come to a point where numerical standard mandated by Federal law is justified and legislation establishing such is put into law.

Such a law would mandate companies with 40 or more employees implement numerical, documented verification standards requiring that a set number (1 in 5) employees in their
work force is comprised of individuals between the age of forty and sixty five years of age.

Special tax credits will be allowed to all companies who hire an individual who has been unemployed six months or more without prejudice to credit ratings or unemployment status.

The “2011 Fair Playing Field Act to protect All American Workers Against Age discrimination” Federal legislation establishing numerical standards mandated by Federal law is good for America , its workers, the economy, substantially decreases unemployment benefit costs and provides a fairer playing field for American workers throughout the duration of their work life-careers. "


  1. This is a very REAL issue, but there are already laws that forbid this kind of discrimination. The call for another one will be rejected because the existing law is sufficient. What IS needed is strict enforcement with severe penalties and structured oversight, with quarterly audit, of business conduct toward those with age.

    US Department of Labor requires copies of the law for conspicuous posting in every state unemployment office and in public buildings. The law forbids discrimination for cause of gender/age/race/religion and sexual orientation.

    It is pointless to sign a petition that will not be accepted.

  2. This petition seeks to *require* age discrimination rather than prevent it. Forcing companies to hire quotas based on age is even less fair than the current system.

  3. Imposing a quota is very different than banning discrimination. I think this petition goes in the wrong direction, and I hope the legislation, if any, fails. Any numerical quota system is unethical.

    I'm IN the "protected" age group, and I think this a plain bad idea.

  4. The idea of yet another hiring quota enforced by government is abhorrent. I'm 56 and out of work in the young person's game of software sales. I have 20+ years' success and risk-taking, a tech background, plus recent certifications. Quotas are the sledgehammer used to put poorly qualified people in job positions they didn't necessarily earn. Quotas are social and employment engineering at their worst. A meritocracy rewards people who are the best, brightest and hardest working. Let's have an effective and efficient system hire those of us who have paid our dues and are still highly productive. The "dumbing down" of our qualifications just to get hired is another nightmare all its own.

  5. As a recruiting professional, I believe that more quotas is not the best way to go. Enforcing current laws? Absolutely and as a recruiter I accept and embrace that responsibility. Along with being a corporate recruiter, I am also in this "protected class" and do not believe that age has played a negative role in my development or career opportunities. Instead of quotas, let us focus on the best ways to align ourselves with career advancement, and stay open to new ideas and changes in our fields.


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