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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gap In Employment: "Feeling Abused By Management"

Posted by Comment Of The Day Contributor George Abney 

From Article on  "Gap In Employment".How Do You Address It On A Resume?

No.. I was not in a coma for five years.
No.. I was not in prison for two years.
No.. I was not on a job in Columbia.
No.. I was not working a ball and chain under a deputy's gun.

Yes.. I started a landscaping business that failed miserably.
Yes.. I needed time to recover from the damage by physical labor.
Yes.. The painting business just didn't work out. Too may of my workers
turned out to be illegals, or ex-convicts who specialized on milking the timeclock.
Yes...I was a student again at age 45/55/65...

Yes...I discovered my retirement pension fund was looted by management
and I had to return to job hunting where no one over age 45 was selected for
Yes..I discovered the Americans Disability Act means nothing during HR interviews
when my most frequent answer was "HUH? Would you please repeat that question?"
Yes.. I do have severe dental problems. WHO can afford a dentist anymore?
Yes..I really DO object to the feel of an interviewer's naked foot dragging along the
inside of my leg during an interview.
Yes..I really DO object to the intrusion of a spontaneous neck massage during a job interview.
Yes..I dare to think the job is nothing but the job. I resent being screened as another male hustler by resort management keen to make a guest's stay as 'pleasant' as possible.

Yes. I have had ALL of these experiences...and then some that are unprintable. I resigned immediately when I discovered such abuse was endorsed and encouraged by management.

Have you had similar experiences? Your reaction.

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  1. Not useful. No serious answers were given. Need useful information for employment gaps. Thank you.

  2. I liked the article and thought it helped bring out the irony of some things that may go within a job; but that often is not dealt with or cannot be dealt with without a lot of political mess resulting from speaking out, etc.

    Yes, there could have been more information forthcoming within the article; but at last I don't feel that I am the only one who gets questioned with "off-the-wall" questions that do not pertain to me nor have they ever.

  3. I liked the article because in some ways the information was presented with some ironic statements and it also mentions things that some men go through that women or people with disabilities may go through; but may be afraid to speak up about.

    I would like to know how to handle any questions about a "casual" position I had accepted in a union office; but which slowly became very stressful. Not only were some of the other Billing Clerks stressed daily; but the new management made it seem like there was going to be an open position with benefits. The pressure on two of us newer "Billing Casuals" was so intense that it seemed that they wanted us to compete for the possible opening. Then, after I agreed to work during the day on a more continued basis, I had to answered phones quite a bit which I did; but someone tried to lie on me for some reason, by contacting the corporate office and saying that I was giving out too much information about our business services. I only gave out the information that I was told to give out and one of the women seemed to be very suspicious of all new people in the office, claiming out loud that certain new people may be "snitching" to the boss by email or calling her at home.

    I've since resigned from the position and left word with the HR department, but wondered is it necessary for me to put the position down if it only last five months for me? I had went through the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and had a Job Developer (not Job Coach) because I have a disability. My Job Developer called the new Supervisor; but she was not willing to speak with the Job Developer because she stated that "things change on the job and refused to meet with my representative).

    Do I have any recourse now after having left that position some time ago and having taken several college courses successfully after that, to be employable?


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