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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You May Have The Wrong Skills For Today's Job Market!

If you want to enhance your ability to get hired into a long term career with adequate compensation (not $10.50/hr) it may be time to retrain.The gap continues to grow, in the USA, between  the skills of currently unemployed workers and the skills that employers are seeking. It is forecasted that half of the jobs in 2018 will need specialized technical skills. So who is going to train these workers?  Are we preparing our youth for this evolving job market place? Are we in need of more business MBA's or skilled HVAC mechanics? (Editor's Note)

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't make a.difference since all the training and needed skill set is done out of the united states and we are paying for it

Anonymous said...

This is basic CRAP reporting..just fill the time...slow news day

Because there was not 1 skill anyone mentioned so maybe we have it but didn't put on our resume, Or we can learn it.

Embarrassing report...and they have jobs

Anonymous said...

This is like a broken record. This propaganda is deliberately fed to the stupid so that government will support the wholesale export of our jobs. They can never name one skill that canot be found ANYWHERE in this country. I don't believe it. I have more computer skills than an average 20 something. Are we all supposed to be bioengineers? I don't even think that is possible.

Anonymous said...

And if Boeing is having such a hard time, why are they laying off older workers? This is BS.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this article is usefull, I have to underline that this problem is the same in France and all over Europe.
There is two kind of seniors :
40-45 years old who are in any case at the top of their career
from 45 until retirement, A very hard time to manage when you are seeking a job.
Headhunters will answer that it is not true, but, it is the real life.

Anonymous said...

This news report focused on the under 40 population, how is this relevant to your website, targeted to the "Interns over 40" audience? Inform us , the 40 and over, the skills sets that are needed to compete in this technical world. Or do we, the over 40, follow the under 40 skill sets? Specifics on skill sets and industries that are critical need of workers would be an asset to your audience. Thank you.

Aren Agopian said...

I pray from the economy and our country every day.

Anonymous said...

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