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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Do You Look Too Old For The Job? Discussion Topic.

Do You Look Too Old For The Job?

I have recently noticed some popular discussions on Interns Over 40 regarding how we, as older workers, look. Should older workers get face lifts and dye their hair? How should you dress to an interview with a HR Recruiter who is a younger worker?
Yes we all want to be whom we are , but we also want to get the job. Which means you should be in control of your personal brand. Join the conversation in our comments section below. You can read the full article about personal branding here.

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    1. My view:
      Not just age, but having an "appropriate" skin color.
      Right now, being under age 40 and having a brown (not white nor black) skin color, while speaking two or more languages, seems to be advantageous when successfully interviewing with prospective employers.

    2. Sad but true. So much for the dream...

    3. I found this article to be rather pedantic. If someone is over 50 and has been in the workforce he/she should well know what is appropriate attire for an interview. Even if the company is very casual you must always dress professionally.

    4. I am 63 and a recruiter.. I don't have problems getting a job.
      First impressions count and you don't go to an interview in a leisure suit... You dress in a conservative manner. You should enjoy the interview and ask questions. Before you get to the interview do some research on the company. Don't discuss your age they can't bring it up so why should you. Come prepared with a few question about the company, the position and if there is room for growth. The only reason they would not hire you is if your salary requirements are too much for their budget, I always use the line that I am flexible depending on the complete package and I will work with them on that. That way you don't have to lock yourself out of a job you want.
      The most important thing is your attitude, smile and be happy during the interview. I just went through this.. and I was laid off because a contract ended... I worked my job search like a job and I ended up with three job offers and took the position I wanted. They paid me 1k more than the job posting had on it.. ATTITUDE


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