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Friday, June 8, 2012

Billionaires VS The Working Middle Class: Darwin Economics In The 21st Century.

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Is there still hope for the economic revival of the middle class? Or  is the 21st century were the gap between  the aristocracy and the proletariat (working class) continue to grow . Does this picture really reflect the way it feels for a worker in America today? Maybe it is not just America. What about Greece, Syria, Egypt, Russia , UAE, Somalia, China and others. What do you think? Post your comments below.

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Sumi Earth Art said...

The ever widening income gap means the middle class is basically gone here in 2011.Unemployment has deeply affected the working class. Now corporations aren't interested in you if you have a lenthy period of unemployment through no fault of your own. Benefits run out. No income to replace it materializes and now you are poor, your savings are gone, your 401K is also gone and you find yourself on the brink of bankruptancy. While our government dips into our social security on a regular basis, demands higher taxes and offers American citizens very little in the way of prosperity. An ever widening gap is already here. The middle class has been being effectively wiped by corporate giants that we bailed out with our tax money. While these millionaire CEOS keep earning high amounts and return nothing to the American people whom support them. It's time for the wealthy billionaires to return our investment in them back to the economy istead of lining their own pockets and those of politicians.

Common Wisdom Suggests said...

The cartoon is perfectly indicative of economic reality in the 21st century. The concept of working class has disappeared in American Culture. Everyone, no matter how little or how much they make claims they are Middle Class. We live in an Orwellian nightmare and have been convinced to be happy about it. We even allowed Corporations the same status as citizens. We are reaping the results of our ignorance and passivity.

Jules Fernandez said...

Money begets money, billions begets billions. This is simple math. The middle class will remain to be middle class as long as they work. Honest work means no bribes on the side. When corruption occurs you may suddenly see a mid-class become a millionaire overnight.
However there may be some exceptions ,who out of industry has become billionaires. So there is always HOPE.

Anonymous said...

And yet voters continue to re-elect incumber Presidents, Senators and Congressmen. If you have or plan to vote for an incumbent start by blaming yourself.

Rich said...

The middle class will continue to be squeezed out of existence until the money is taken OUT of politics. GET THE MONEY OUT!!! Corporations are NOT people.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new about this agenda of busting America down to a 3rd world country. It was planned over 300 years ago. It is just coming to fruition.

Since taxpayers are paying for everything anyway, I say have at least ONE presidential candidate whose support is furnished by the People (taxpayers) and eliminate complete domination by rich and crooked politicians. Do this in conjunction with a law to be passed whereas one, maybe two, publically elected candidate(s) must receive equal air time with the "money promoted" candidates by all news media. That gives the PEOPLE a real voice in who gets elected!

The Demo Party promotes immoral, antiChristian, and antiFamily value lifestyles and make for bad role models to children and the impressionable. Repub's now produce candidates who cheat on their wives (can't live up to their commitments), and Lie to the People.

Example: Mit Romney says he don't care about the Poor yet he has sent Millions and Millions of his own money to offshore accounts after broadcasting "I believe in America!" What is wrong with that picture? If Politicians, financial institutions, Executives, and other rich people are "removing" Billions of funds from America, that could be used to create employment here, then why would we want either as our leaders? Someone needs to create a new website called, ""! It should name ALL people who have shipped their money OUT of America to other foreign countries and offshore accounts for ALL to see! Plus their actions taken in "outsourcing" American jobs for more profit....

243,000 jobs now reported created in America! Unemployment is down to 8.3%! Great News.... Just don't mind that thousands more are being shipped overseas at say, $30 an hour, and the new jobs are paying say, $10 an hour.... Never mind that Politicians KNOW that people can no longer pay their mortgages based on $10 an hour (that part is always left out!) And gotta love how the Politicians intentionally OMIT facts in "how they count" who is unemployed, like: 1) how many people are no longer eligible to receive unemployment benefits, and 2) ALL the self-employed who are out of work (small business owners, etc.). None of the above can be counted in the Unemployment Figures / Data..... So how bad is it.....Really?

Better yet, if we continue on this course, how long will our economy last???? What is sad is all of those who, despite facts and reality, continue to "bury their heads in the sand" actually thinking if they can't see the Lion, then the Lion can't see and eat them!!!! Politicians, CEO's, and Financial Institutions, DEPEND on such people to survive.

Anonymous said...

"The Demo Party promotes immoral, antiChristian, and antiFamily value lifestyles and make for bad role models to children and the impressionable."

Whoa, have you been snookered by the right. The Democratic party supports the right of people to be left alone in their home. The right wants us to be servants of the rich. Pick a side.

Anonymous said...

It's so obvious to me that it is all over with the United States (I don't care what Clint Eastwood says). If I could emigrate someplace else, I would say good riddance. This place sucks. Now the idiots are firmly in control, they will make it even worse.

Early Films said...

Bottom line, corporate profits happen because of EFFECTIVE CONSUMERS. Continually taking more and more from the pockets of those who actually produce and sell the products (for the quick profit fix) also erodes their ability to purchase the products. Totally self-destructive! How is it that so much of the world is in a financial crisis at once? Where is the money? Just see how powerful the greedy ones would be if all of their workers walked out at once! You didn't get rich in a vacuum!

Vicki said...

The income gap is smoke and mirrors. The middle class has actually done better since 2000 than the proverbial "1%". If your personal income has gone down and you are struggling, it does seem convenient to blame a mythological class of rich people determined to keep you down. It is certainly easier than doing the hard work of learning personal responsibility and basic personal financial literacy. I recommend reading "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. His Financial Peace University course changed my life. I'm now completely out of debt. Although I'm underemployed at the moment, I have *not* had to tap my retirement savings, and I'm very optimistic about my career transition. It just takes time, and work.

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