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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Should States Reduce The Maximum # Of Weeks For Unemployment Insurance?

Share  Most of you never thought that you would be collecting unemployment benefits for over one and a half years. How long should the federal government pay unemployment benefits? Do you think it should be reduced? Should a re-training program be required? Will that motivate lazy job seekers to find a new job?
Since unemployment hovers around 10% what should the role of government be. If real unemployment (U6) really is over 20% in many states does the government have a role in keeping its citizens from falling off the soci-economic cliff. Some say pay now or pay later. It really is simple. No work and no money a likely to lead to a decline in a persons physical health , mental health and economic contribution to society.
Thousands of our readers have expressed their desire and willingness to work. It is not just about having the perfect resume. Perfecting your interview skills. But having enough jobs that fit the skills of the available job seekers.
If you were trained to be skilled retail direct mail marketing expert. Over the last 10 years you watched as your industry has shrunk, your skill requirements changed and younger skilled workers entered the work force.
Some would say "loser" why didn't you retrain, change industries and  get a new job.  Some job seekers did. We applaud them. But others missed the cue's or perhaps found it difficult to change behavior or OMG just loved their job. Do you remember when people LOVED their work.
So I again ask you what role should government have? What voice resonates with you: "Let the Free market prevail". "Protector of the norm". "Facilitator of change".

Tell us your suggestions and comments below?

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  1. "Do you remember when people LOVED their work?"

    No, I certainly do not. The idea of doing what you enjoy is so unatainable. It has never happened for me. I have hated every single job I ever had except for one very low paying job at a record label.

  2. To tag any one out of work as lazy is unfair and completely out of touch. I beleive in the 20% number for unemployed in this country. Translation = 300,000,000 people at the last census so there are 60,000,000 of us out of work. Of course that is an exaggeration as some of us are eldery or too young to work. So even if that transaltes to 40,000,000 it is very difficult to believe we are all lazy. Perhaps, if all the jobs we sent overseas over the last 28 years were brought back to our shores the unemployment rate would drop. But that won't happen as we are told it is cheaper to produce overseas than here in the USA.


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