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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Friday, January 2, 2015

How To Work For A Younger Boss. (NBC Today Show Video)

Are you feeling resentful? Feeling like the younger boss thinks you are less techie and slower?

Do you want to manage your mother?   How do you turn it around so that your younger boss knows that you want to change.  Learn from AARP on  how to answer tough issues in the workplace. (Editor's Note)

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Anonymous said...

Not all older people need to be "walked through software!" Let's drop ALL generalizations about older employees should be completely dropped.

Anonymous said...

How about telling the cocky younger boss, "Hey, twinkie, you got a "Pass" on your position because you were born in a time when grade inflation became rampant, college degrees started getting handed out like candy, and standards lowered. Your listening and social skills are poor. If you can't manage your emotions better than this, you are not cut out to manage. Your track record in life as a whole is minimal, and not too inspirational at that. You aren't demonstrating the qualities of a leader; you're being merely a boss and that's mostly by virtue of good luck because of the accident of your birth place in history. Clean out your ears, open your eyes, and consider having a 2-way dialogue because YOU might learn something from ME to help you grow up and become a suitable manager someday!

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