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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bobby's:In Store Savings.A Penny Saved!

In just the last few weeks I have saved real money shopping at:
"Fresh and Easy" Groceries, Michaels Art Store, Car Detailing, Marshall's and Armani Exchange (my favorite :) My friends kind of make fun of me because I have two really great skills. The first is ALWAYS getting a great parking spot without even looking. A parking lot can be absolutely jammed and a open spot with magically appear in front of the store I want to visit. During the summer in Del Mar a crowded beach still seems to leave me a parking spot right next to my favorite beach. Some call it "Parking Karma". Wish it could be translated to the Mega-million Lottery:)

My other talent ( if you call it it that) is to receive In Store discounts almost every day. It seems with a few carefully crafted words the world of lower priced shopping awaits you.
All you have to do is ask if you want to save money on your daily activities and purchases.

If you have been unemployed or underemployed you probably have put together a budget. After you have eliminated everything that you don't need you are left with the basics of survival: Food , Clothing , Shelter and a perhaps a Netflix subscription. So you feel now that you have simplified or down to the bare-bones. But you still buy things in which you can save money every day.

All you need to do is learn a few words: "Do you currently have any promotions or discounts". OK you Beamer drivers and Nordstrom shoppers are you feeling a little embarrassed. But WTF it is time to save money. Remember we are living in a jobless recovery, 99 weekers and new careers.
I have quickly found that a friendly conversation and question can lead to instant savings. In just the last few weeks I have saved real money shopping at:
"Fresh and Easy" Groceries, Michaels Art Store, Car Detailing, Marshall's and Armani Exchange (my favorite :). None of these required more than just asking that simple question:" Do you have any promotions and discounts going on?" It is usually proceeded by some friendly banter. Like "How are you today"? I think you owe it to yourself to try it next time you are in a store. Times are tough and companies want you to shop.

My stories are real and you can easily replicate them. I hope you will begin to say every day: bobby's saved me $$ of if you like you can send me some of your savings.

This weeks IN Store Savings: I needed a new light casual jacket. Tried Sports Authority but they just were not for me. So I wondered into Armani exchange on Valentines day. Just was dreaming about something nicer. Amazingly I found a jacket on sale for 39.00. So I went to the cashier and said the magic words. "Do you have any promotions or discounts going on?". To my surprise she handed me a card and said just send a text to 276264 with the word "Love". I can then give you an instant $10 discount. Hey that is like over 20%. Pretty cool. It took me less then 1 minute. Hey that's almost a rate of $600 an hour. OK its a small exaggeration. Hope you have a great saving day. Please share with use your Bobby's In-store Savings stories below. Bobby
"So Easy To Save"

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