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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Over 69% Surveyed Are Unemployed For Over 1 Year

 Below is the ongoing result of our Interns Over 40 Poll. (Conducted for 90 days as of 01/27/11)
Question asked is:"Are you currently unemployed or under employed? If so, how long?"
Number of
3 months or less
6 months or less
1 year or less
2 years or less
over 2 years


Over 69% of Survey Respondents reported being out of work for over 1 Year. A pretty frightening situation in today's job market. Would like to hear your comments, thoughts and job seeking experiences below.
Thanks. Bobby

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Anonymous said...

These are useful statistics, if presented to government, for example, showing age discrimination is actively occurring.

Or if it shows how difficult it is to get jobs in general, or, to show congress their Get-Back-To-Work programs aren't reaching their voters in meaningful ways.

My point?
I hope gathering these statistics are not an end to themselves, but rather a jumping off point for a meaningful dialog with

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