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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Comment of the Day:Remember reaching that 40th Birthday Milestone?

Remember reaching that 40th Birthday Milestone?

 Comment Contributor:Marc van Vuuren,marc@searchtoemploy.com

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"Remember reaching that 40th Birthday Milestone? The celebration, reflection and possibly panic of the thought that its only downhill from here.

And as you gather your thoughts and calm down, you realise it's all good. You have made great strides in your career or your business. The partner is happy, the kids are happy, the country's happy, the global community is happy, the global economy is hurtling forward like a steam train.

Economists are seeing clear blue skies and financial wizards have conjured up the most creative investment schemes that involve gearing here, forward buying there, mortgaging all the property/s to buy into these schemes or markets that have the most creative financial foundations. All, or most of this done within the ambits of acceptable trade and bills tabled years ago to enhance the riches and freedoms of the capitalist economy. Life is awesome and it's great to be forty something and only about 240 or so paydays away from retirement. And then......

Out of the shadows of contentment steps the grim reaper clasping all your debt in one hand and a forclosure notice & "final demand" in the other. Now there is a little uneasiness, sweaty palms.......but we will be alright, Right? Then the news that the major banks and finance houses are folding like broken deck chairs, A small bead of sweat develops on the brow and a phone call to your financial advisor and bank manager goes to voice mail...the same a few hours later and the next day. The TV reports that certain COUNTRIES are bankrupt. The president of the country calls for calm and orders investigations into the operations of the biggest financial corporations on the planet.........the carcks start to appear in the system, a dark sulphurous cloud appears overhead and the largest corporations are pleading with the government to bail them out........"something went wrong somewhere" they say. One by one the pillars of the economy topple over crashing and smashing thousands of small businesses and millions lives into Billions of pieces. Trillions of dollars have just vanished, maybe we should ask Copperfield how it was done and how we can get it all back to normality.

Two years down the line and we are still here walking through the debris and ruins, wondering how this could have happened. We are mature,experienced individuals with heaps of entreperneurship, motivation, and management skills. We done this before, we'll do it again right. Right? Really???? I'll get a loan to start my business again!

Banks have no money to give, you have no collateral to offer, so then I'll just get a job!!
You're too old, too experienced, too inexperienced, no transport, (the banks got the company car remember), your earnings expectation is too high. All the B-S under the sun.

Welcome to the forty something bracket, and now what do we do. We turn to platforms like LinkedIn and groups like Interns over 40, to share our experiences and find a place to belong. It's human nature, we need to belong and direction. We need JOBS, A HOUSE, SECURITY, HAPPINESS, OUR FAMILIES BACK, AND A BED IN THE HOUSE NOT THE CAR. We really don't need much at all. Perhaps LinkedIn will help, surely someone here understands what you have been through and how you feel? I have a few thousand contacts, a great resume, fantastic interpersonal skills, a shiny track record........I'm really, really GOOD! Apparently NOT!!

Perhaps I can be of assistance, I have assisted 4000+ professionals in the last year. Check out my profile and my website on my profile page, if you wish......I am in the same position as millions of others scattered all over the globe, in fact I have just given you a description of the last 2.5 yrs of my life. and I am actually 47yrs old. I believe that I can make a difference.

Take care"


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