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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Take our poll: How long have you been unemployed?

Share IO40 polling will be providing a series of polls to our  readers. We hope you find them enlightening and engage. Over time we will use your input to tailor our content. If you are signed up as a Internsover40 Insider we will keep you updated on all new polling and the results. Thanks for taking the time.

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Anonymous said...

Most folks reading a blog aimed at unemployed are unemployed and have been for a long time, no big surprise.

How are folks coping with unemployment? I am going back to school for an advanced degree.

Anonymous said...

During my unemployment (now over 8 months), I've kept active as much as possible. I completed certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt, started my own business, kept active by volunteering in professional organizations, and learned as much as possible about getting another job - personal branding, resume writing, effective cover letters. Keeping things positive helps with the depression and rejection of trying to find another job.

Don said...

I've been unemployed for almost two years. Being in the construction industry and for the first time in my career I haven't been able to find a position within my industry.
I've gone back to school working towards an advanced degree and to make ends meet, started a small company.
The stress levels though continue to increase but I'm hopeful things will be different soon.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning my third year as an unemployed high school English and social studies teacher. Worse yet, I will be 60 in April. I need to work, I desperately need to work and not for less money than the pittance I get from unemployment.

When President Obama suggested young people go into teaching I almost choked. Where are the teaching jobs?

Before I was a teacher I worked as the Assist Director of Special Projects for a publishing company, and an office manager for another company. I have KSA's but cannot find a job.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a Research/Surgical position for 15 months now. I find it most discouraging when I look all day long on the internet or go out into the "world" and stil end up empty-handed. I have a home, wife, kids and all kinds of bills. I NEED A JOB to get back my self-respect and worth.

Anonymous said...

I started a construction company in 2007, leaving my job as a Database Administrator. Had to close up shop in first QTR 2009 and went back to school for Career Counseling. Been looking since January 2010. Have a great resume so I am told, but because I have been away from IT for 4 years I am not considered. My technical experience is not even out dated. I was told today that 1 maybe 1 and a half years was allowable. What happened to re-entering the job market, not to mention the bills. Still hanging on to some hope, why can't anyone see the value in experience these days?

Anonymous said...

I understand that experience seems to not have the same value it used to. Age, Cost of Labor and current skills seem to dominate this very competitive market.

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