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Monday, April 16, 2012

Starting a New Career at 40 as a Freshman in College

Have you ever thought it is too late to learn? Or you believe that "you can't teach an old dog a new trick".  Then think again! (Editor's Note)

At  56, Kiraly is earning a second bachelor s degree and calls himself a  "re-freshman."
Daniel Kiraly lived in his van, parked outside of the temporary job where he worked the second shift.
That  winter, five years ago, it seemed as though his electrical engineering  degree -- and his industry -- had ultimately betrayed him.
Now,  at 56, Kiraly -- a 1986 University of Colorado graduate who worked as an  engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 
StorageTek and US West before being laid off and becoming homeless -- is  starting anew.

He's enrolled at CU and earning a second  bachelor's degree, this time in "International Spanish for the  Professions" with the intention of applying to CU-Denver for a master's in international business. He calls himself a "re-freshman."     

CU and state community colleges are  seeing an increase in the number of adults returning to college to retrain for a competitive workforce.
Colleges and universities have served as a  refuge for many adults during the economy's colossal collapse. Community  colleges are busting
at their seams as adults return to school to train  for new jobs. At CU, continuing education programs that accommodate  career-changers are flourishing. Education officials say the return to college is a common response to recessions. 

Beginning  in 2008, when the economy slumped, the number of degree-seeking adults  began ticking upward at CU. In fall 2009, there were 1,947 students on  the flagship campus who fit into the 25-to-30 age bracket, a 14 percent  increase over two years that outpaced overall enrollment growth. This  past school year, CU enrolled another 676 students who are 31 or older. A promise inspires Kiraly to earn degree.

Now  Kiraly lives on the campus in a one-bedroom family housing unit,  protests tuition hikes and sits in the front row of his classes.
But  there have been hurdles since he started working toward his degree in  2008. Students pursuing a second undergraduate degree aren't eligible  for Pell grants, and he's read that employers are growing reluctant to  hire people in their 50s. "I'm not ready to give up and bounce from temp job to temp job," Kiraly said.

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  1. I am now in my seventies and, by choice,I have changed occupation every ten years or so all my life! I started as a camera assistant in the film industry, then graduated to cameraman, then a director, then became a scriptwriter, then started my own film and TV production company, then owned and ran a restaurant, then started a marketing company, then ran a guest house. Now I edit and publish an online magazine for "more mature" readers. It's never too late to start something new!

  2. The ONLY reason that employers are reluctant to hire mature individuals at Mid-life is that they KNOW that we are smarter, more experienced and can take their postion. Employers often feel threatened and childish. And to tell you the truth, I prefer not to work for any child who cannot tell the different between an asset and a childish liability. Furthermore, the Mid-Life Phoenix ought to strongly consider going into business SOLO.

    Think about it mid-lifers, we have TOO much to offer to ourselves than to bust our fannies slaving for a 20 something year old arrogant fool who lacks the wisdom to delegate capable craftspersons by allowing them to achieve a collaborative win. This can't be done working alongside a true jack ass, for you would be certain to waste your time and the value of who you are.

    Mid-lifers are better off discipling self over being disciplined by a probie and a smart ass who can barely discipline or command a true ship. Command your own ship, make your own income over making that income for a resentful society who continue to react remedially against the honor of maturation. Joy is restored and dignity intact.

    Ready, set, Gone! ;-)


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