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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Networking For Over 50 Job Seekers (AARP Video)

You are over 50 and looking for a job. So you decide it is time to network. Well what does that word really mean in today's business climate. So you take out your Rolodex (don't be shy some of you still have those paper cards with hand written contact info) or smart phone. Then you begin to look at who you can contact for your next career opportunity. Perhaps you go online to Linkedin  to finally find out why your friends said you MUST be on Linkedin. It sounded almost as important as having a will, 401k or health insurance. Well perhaps it is:). (Editor's Note)

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Anonymous said...

The video about networking is a good tool for people who are really in the dark about how to network and use social media. But if you're still using a Rolodex and not on LinkedIn, you might as well face the fact that your future career consists of greeting people at Walmart or bagging Happy Meals at McDonald's. You just can't be that out of it and expect to compete successfully with anyone under 40. Why even assume that these people are getting your messages? Maybe you should also post flyers on the local library bulletin boards to be sure these people stay "up to date."

Anonymous said...

Don't knock the old paper Rolodex! That's one benefit us "old timers" have over the younger generation; we know the value of paper. When my modern technology goes down for some reason, I do not have to wait for the fix to be able to access phone numbers, etc. Paper doesn't "crash." I remember a story from one of my adult kids, about how he couldn't call his computer guy because, well, the number was irretrievable from his crashed 'puter. LOL
Same with flyers on a local board: They are accessible even when the electric goes out. I've had more phone calls from old fashioned paper posting from people interested in buying my house than from the plethora of digital advertising I have "out there." Never be so smart that you don't see the value in "old school."

oceanflash08 said...

I really love this debate. We have learned that nontraditional methods in a very cluttered environment work well. Even sometimes the local library posting. :) It is a sense of balance that is required. Spending too much time on low return activities is a waste of energy.

Anonymous said...

I am need to stop visiting this blog. No offense, but the look and feel of this site is depressing. As an "over 40" unemployed executive, I don't need to be reminded of how gray things are in my life. Can't we tone this site up a little?

oceanflash08 said...

Anonymous. How about trying our beta site. Maybe it will brighten you up.
have a great day.

Anonymous said...

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