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Monday, April 30, 2012

Job Interviewer Asks:So How Old Are You? Comment of the Day.

Comment on Posting Article:So How old are you? Things You Can/Can't Do About Age Bias:

Comment of the Day by: anonymous
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"Jim Crow is alive and well!
The advice I have received from more than one high-end employment agency is to "lie about my age and color my hair black."
The topic of insurance costs ... ha! Bring that up to a 20-something year old women who plans to have children or a handicapped person ... and you will be in jail before you finish the sentence.

Think about this for a moment ... "why don't resumes of older people get through to HR?" It's simple... a process has been designed and put in place to prevent that from happening so the HR team does not have to waste its time on these applications...
Now, replace the word "age' ... that is replacing the "filtering word" used within these processes ... and replace it with "race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religeon."

What would that be called? "

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  1. This is ridiculous, why not drop the discrimination angle and simply help people leverage their talents? The fact that you mention an employment agency leads me to beleive you're talking about hourly wage earners, and maybe they would want a 20 year old woman to pack boxes over a 50 year old, but I seriously doubt that any agency would be so stupid.

  2. I had the personnel dept Manager at Matthew Bender in Albany NY tell me I was too old to fit in their environment when I was thirty. That was an eye-opener.

  3. I was once told I was "rather junior" to be involved in the project I was working on.
    I was in my mid forties and head of a department.

    On reflection maybe I should have stayed with that company. ;)


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