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Featured Webinar: Fastest Way To Get A Job
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Summary:Are women better networkers or just different then men?

Weekly Summary:Readers Choice Articles/Videos: 07/24/10 

Female Style of Networking - Is it Detrimental to Success?

Editors Notes: Are women better networkers or just different then men? Do  men go for the size/volume of business relationships while women build smaller more meaningful relationships? Does this help or hurt women?
Women are born networkers. After all, at its core, networking is about connecting with other people, and that's something women excel at. Connecting is in our DNA.

Given that we have the social gene, I've been surprised in my work as a coach and the research I did for my new book, The Female Brand, that women often don't have an expansive network - yet men do. We women tend to favor deep relationships with a group of close friends, a preference evolutionary scientists trace back to our roots as family caretakers and home keepers. We also see the preference for close, intense relationships in playground studies. Most girls tend to pair up and play one-on-one or with a small group, while boys are more likely to play with a series of different mates and play with a larger group. Later, when female hormones kick in, the preference for intimate relationships with a small group of friends accelerates.

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Career Shift at Age 40 - steps to success

If you are forty-plus and want to change careers, you're probably shaking in your boots. Children. Homes. Bills. All of these things cause you to pause when you think about leaving your job. Yet, you're miserable. You want a change.
Well, don't ignore your feelings. Understand that switching careers doing the middle years of your life is not a recipe for disaster. As a matter of fact, it can be a start to a great 'new' beginning in which you gain the type of success you've always dreamed of.

Here are a few steps to get you started. They've worked for people in the past and so they can also work for you. Do them one second, minute, month and year at a time until you reach your ultimate goal.

Step 1. Re-name yourself. Even before you write your resignation letter, start speaking out loud your new title. If you've been working as a waitress all of your life, but want to be a writer, say it. Get your mind acquainted with the idea that you can do more than serve plates to hungry customers. It'll be a mental preparation that will help you on the road ahead.
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Recruiters and HR Professionals:

Do you know the 8 steps to recruitment success?

  Editors note: Recruiting and Hiring should be strategic in nature. It is a methodical process that most companies either do not know or practice. But it has proven to be effective for those companies that do understand and practice it.  A few minutes out of your daily tactical recruitment activities might just yield you some pretty amazing improvements in your hiring results. Hopefully not only saving you some time and money, but resulting in better candidates and new hires.

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