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Sunday, May 6, 2012

More American Workers Are Outsourcing Their Own Jobs? Hulu: Onion News:

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Sandy Smith said...

I hope the original poster of this item wasn't taking it seriously! It's from *The Onion!*

Still, it's a wry commentary on a sad trend.

Karl Johnson said...

I, too, was surprised to see this here and seemingly presented as an actual news story. The Onion seems to be taking in more and more people these days.

Barbara Ruth Saunders said...

While this is satire, there is a movement for outsourcing parts of one's own job. See Tim Ferris, "The Four-Hour Workweek."

philippines seo said...

In retrospect, yes. American firms are outsourcing positions that were supposed to be for Americans to cut cost and improve revenue margins.

bartdivanov said...

The CEOs and guys like the one shown would gladly substitute their workers for commies in China and a penny-an-hour Indians until they realize this would hurt them in a long run. As an example, Apple is already struggling with counterfeited good from China: they sell their fake ipods-mini for $26 and Apple sells it here for $149. And free shipping to the US. Get this Apple for outsourcing!

Anonymous said...

Why should one charge more for doing jobs which are actually worth less. Say for example monitoring a particular job stream, indians do it for cheap labour whilst we charge exorbitant rates.Lets charge the same way as Indians do and we will find the reversal that will take place.

Lisa Chaves said...

So they already permitted this idea? well, for me, it doesn't really matter as long as you have the experience and skills to succeed then you are in for that intern.

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